Coverage of Reardon Sullivan

Coverage of Reardon Sullivan for County Executive

Media Blitz

Do you really want another four years of Marc Elrich?

I am committed to bringing common sense, cooperation, and compromise back to our local government so we can tackle the County’s most pressing issues.

We must stop disrespecting the police and allow them to do their jobs. We must provide for SROs in our schools. We must allow our teachers to excel in education, instead of pushing radical social ideas. We must bring business back to the County. We must improve transportation including 270 and the American Legion bridge.

We must get away from identity politics and archaic views based on skin color, party affiliation and gender, and get our County back using common sense for the common good.

Click on the videos below to get a taste of our vision for Montgomery County.   - Reardon "Sully" Sullivan -

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