Crime in MoCo

By Amalia Chua Halikias
Montgomery County has experienced a huge surge in crime — vehicle break-ins, in particular — in recent months. At the top of Montgomery County Police's latest weekly crime report there reads this note: "MCP urges all residents to take a role in preventing this type of crime by removing valuables from vehicles and locking all doors." 
The rise in crime is not isolated to vehicle thefts. Those who frequent public areas or use public transportation can regale you with stories of public drug use, threatening or violent confrontations, and wanton turnstile jumping. 
Some recent highlights: 
  • Around midnight on April 15th, there was an attempted burglary of Stone Mill Elementary School in North Potomac;
  • On April 16th, the Foot Locker at the Wheaton Mall was burglarized;
  • And just this past Wednesday, a Montgomery County mailman was robbed at gunpoint by a masked man in Olney, who made a swift getaway in a black car
Under a Democratic President and a Democratic Governor, Montgomery County criminals will soon achieve the esteemed status and protection enjoyed by criminals in our nation's wildly mismanaged capital.
Amalia Chua Halikias grew up in Chevy Chase, has worked on nearly a dozen campaigns, and serves as Government Relations Director at The Heritage Foundation. She's a member of the Montgomery Republican Party Communications committee and can be reached at [email protected]
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