Dave Pasti Campaigns for State Delegate in District 19

My name is Dave Pasti and I’m running for Maryland House of Delegates in District 19. This is the first time I’m running for an elected office and like Governor Hogan, I believe that is a good thing. We need more good people from the outside if there is going to be any change to the current divisive culture of politics. Both Democrats and Republican are to blame. Partisan politics has reached an all-time low.

I have my own law practice in Rockville where I have practiced law for 28 years in the areas of Criminal and Traffic defense, Personal Injury and Family Law. I believe my experience as a lawyer makes me the most qualified candidate to serve in the legislature where our main job is to pass legislation! One of the driving forces throughout my life has been my desire to fight injustice in whatever form that may take. That’s really the underlying reason I became a lawyer. Whether it’s social injustice, religious injustice, age injustice, or gender injustice. It upsets me to see anyone being treated unfairly for no reason.

I grew up in Montgomery County and I’m concerned the issues you’re concerned about. We have close to the worst, if not the worst traffic in the country; we have an opioid crisis that needs all of our attention; our taxes are too high; and we should get our fair share of funding for education coming back to Montgomery County.

I could no longer bear to sit on the sidelines and watch as our country is being torn apart at the seams with hatred on all sides. I want to be part of the solution and bring a sense of calm to the people of District 19 knowing you have someone you can count on to improve the quality of life here in Montgomery County for all citizens. If elected, I will fight for the issues that are most important to you.


Montgomery County Republican Party