The Emperor Has No Clothes

The Emperor Has no Clothes

Wearing the WOKE Cloth

By Pat Fenati

There were once some WOKE weavers. They created a small movement of people to spread the “TRUTH” that they were the best weavers in the world and THEIR clothes were woven with a material so fine and their styles so beautiful that no one could top them. In fact, the cloth they wove was colored with dyes so vivid and their styles were so unique that it took a special discernment to even see the clothes. So, everyone knew they must have that special discernment to be able to see the clothes. 

The weavers movement spread the TRUTH and the movement grew. Everyone understood if you could not see the clothes made from that special fabric you were not WOKE, you were filled with hatred, you were racist, you were a misogynist, a homophobe, a xenophobe, and probably even an arachnophobe.  So, everyone was prepared to see and love these wonderful new garments which came to market in the early summer.

People fought to purchase the latest and greatest styles as quickly as they came to market. They donated large sums of money to the weavers, and they made sure that their children wore the clothes too. 

As the clothes came out of the factory, the first thought people had was, “These clothes are invisible. I can’t see anything.” But everyone was afraid to say that because they did not want to be called an un-WOKE, hate filled, racist, misogynist, homophobe, xenophobe, and probably even an arachnophobe. So, they all put on those clothes. And they marveled at their beauty. With impatience they looked at those stupid neighbors who did not don those beautiful clothes.

Those fine new clothes were the truth. They were light as a feather. They had no substance. That was what made them so easy to wear. … And … everyone else was doing it!

As they looked at themselves in their mirrors, they obviously did not want to believe what they actually saw because then they would be like those stupid neighbors. They did not need facts or their lying eyes to get in the way of the declared truth.

The leader of the country, President Brandon, also wore the clothes. His were VERY special. Everyone saw that he was truly WOKE, love filled, inclusive and he even loved spiders. And the world was happy.

Unfortunately, this time there was no small child who could call out, “The Emperor has no clothes.”

The summer ended and winter came. 


Patricia Fenati is a Member of the Montgomery County Republican Party Central Committee from Legislative District 14 and a former candidate for Maryland Delegate.

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