Defending Freedom Spring 2023


Montgomery County Republican Convention

MARCH 25, 2023

We're standing up to the Far Left WOKE culture - with Montgomery County the epicenter!

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Please put this on your calendar -- to join fellow Republicans at the county party's annual convention on Saturday, March 25 at the Rockville Hilton.

The convention will be from 8:30 am to 3 pm with a VIP lunch at 12:15 pm. Our VIP Luncheon speaker is Congressman Bill Posey of Florida who was instrumental in reforming Florida's election laws that made the recent Red Wave there possible.

Admission is $25 for both the morning and afternoon sessions and $100 for the VIP lunch, a major fundraising effort for the party. Admission for sessions and lunch together is $125. We strongly advise everyone to sign up for both in advance at

What to expect at the morning session: After you arrive and check in, make your way to the hall and look for the sign for your Legislative District. That is where you should sit. Your convention badge should show the number of your LD.  

Larry O'Connor

Our speakers will focus on "Defending Freedom" nationally and locally with Master of Ceremonies Larry O'Connor of WMAL invited; Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch; Yukong "Mike" Zhao of Asian American Coalition for Education; Maryland Republican Party Vice Chairwoman Nicole Bennet, and a special panel.

Our Defending Freedom panel of local leaders will speak about how they personally countered a county issue and the lessons they learned. They have valuable information about how to counter the woke policies of Elrich, MCPS and the county council. Panelists will include:

  • Stephen Austin of MoCo Neighbors for Local Schools (opposes MCPS school boundaries study and bussing students across county)
  • Kimblyn Persaud of EPIC of MOCO (chaired 9D; opposes Thrive 2050)
  • Jennifer Reesman, child psychologist and Margery Smelkinson, infectious disease scientist of Revive MoCo (opposed county's Covid lockdowns)
  • Dee Reuben of UARE (supports Parental rights; opposes CRT in MCPS)
  • Edward Bartlett, President of SAVE Title IX

After lunch with Congressman Posey presentations by:

  • Sheriff Chuck Jenkins of Frederick County
  • Harold Maldonado, former Republican candidate for the Montgomery County Council

Following that educational sessions and workshops on:

  • Voter Registration
  • Legal Ballot Harvesting
  • Precinct Building

Anti-Asian racism MUST NOT STAND! Yukong Mike Zhao - President, Asian American Coalition for Education & author of Critical Race Theory and WOKE Culture speaks out! Watch Mike Zhao HERE>


Republican US Congressman Bill Posey Tells the Truth!  Americans are fed up across the board.  More are moving to his state of Florida because Florida is choosing to NOT follow California's Woke policies.  Can it happen here in MoCo, in Maryland? Watch the Congressman HERE>

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Hear from an exceptional group of county residents who stepped up and organized to counter county elites enacting extreme policies in Montgomery County. They will speak about the lessons they learned and how you can help with:

  • Discrimination against Asian American students
  • Parents' Rights
  • The school boundary study and bussing
  • Being a candidate for School Board
  • Recovery from the COVID school and business lockdowns
  • Countering hypocrisy and implementation of the Thrive 2050 master plan
  • Saving Women's sports and Title IX

Hear Larry O'Connor discuss their stories with them

Dr. Jennifer Reesman spoke out on FOX News about the reluctance of Maryland and Montgomery County to reopen and staff our public schools to protect and educate our children. Watch Dr. Jennifer Reesman HERE>

Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch tells us how he and his group fought for freedom and to expose a Left-wing culture of victimhood and deceit.

Nicole Bennett, Vice Chair of the Maryland Republican Party

A special lunch with the RED WAVE Congressman from the Florida Space Coast Bill Posey

  • They cleaned up the voter roles
  • Made sure everyone could vote
  • Set the stage for Floridians to take back their government on the County, State and Federal level


Sheriff Chuck Jenkins of Frederick County

Top Republican vote getter in MoCo for 2020 Harold Maldonado

Local Montgomery County sessions on

  • Legal ballot harvesting
  • Precinct building
  • Voter Registration

Sign up here to join hundreds of Republicans, Independents and even Democrats who want to improve Montgomery County Maryland.

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  • Martine Baker


  • Darby & Monte Gingery
  • Patrick & Marguerite Sung


  • Anita Mpambara Cox
  • Paul Foldi
  • Ingrid Fraley
  • Jeff Hooke
  • Lori Jaffe
  • Jonathan Jenkins
  • Richard Jurgena
  • Dennis Melby
  • Brigitta Mullican
  • Joan Pleiman
  • Reardon Sullivan

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Join Us, Stand with your neighbors at our Spring Convention.

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