District 14 Kickoff- "Fire Up 14!"


You are hereby officially invited to help FIRE UP 14!

On Wednesday, March 14, your Republican candidates for District 14 will be hosting a campaign kickoff event to highlight the candidates who want to represent you for the next 4 years in Annapolis! As we get into a crucial 2018 campaign, we want you to be a part of our effort to flip District 14 from a district of complete Democrat control that continues to not represent ALL of us to one that actually works for everyone. To do that, it’s time to get fired up!

At the kickoff, we’ll have GOP candidates and members from not only our district, but from across the state. Also, we’ll have a very special guest speaker- Larry O’Connor from WMAL! Come join all of us in getting fired up for the upcoming campaign season and getting to know all of the outstanding candidates that want to fight for all of us! This no charge kickoff will take place at Blue Mash Golf Course from 7 to 9 pm.

These races will not be won without all of YOUR support. We can only succeed if we are able to rally behind those that truly want to change our great state for the better. Together, we can FIRE UP 14!



Montgomery County Republican Party