We Need Your Help Today

Why is Montgomery County important to the GOP? And why should you donate to support our mission?

The state of Maryland is undoubtedly better off with Larry Hogan and Boyd Rutherford as our Governor and Lt. Governor than if Anthony Brown or Ben Jealous were in charge. 

Maryland Republicans have won a majority of the last five gubernatorial elections and the simple truth is that there is no path to the Governor’s mansion that doesn’t run through Montgomery County. As Maryland’s largest county and home to more than 1 in 6 Marylanders, a strong performance in Montgomery County is needed for us to keep the Governor’s Mansion in 2022. And while we don’t know who our Republican nominee will be yet, we are confident that the party will have a strong candidate that we are able to help deliver across the finish line in Montgomery County. 

In 2014, Larry Hogan got 37% of the vote in Montgomery County. In 2018, his share of votes increased to 44% enabling an overwhelming statewide victory. At the time our committee was ridiculed in the media for the prediction that the Hogan/Rutherford ticket would see such a drastic improvement in our county but in part due to the hard work of the Montgomery County Republican Party, we made it happen. We are asking for your financial support to ensure that the opportunity to keep Montgomery County, and the state, on the right track in 2022 continues.

We are not quite at a majority in Montgomery County but if we keep this momentum going the future of Montgomery County can look much brighter. Please consider making a generous contribution today so we are prepared to do our part up and down the ballot in 2022. 

Your contribution WILL make a difference.

Thank you for your support,

Montgomery County Republican Party