Dr. Politics: Signs, Signs Everywhere a Sign

By Dwight Patel

Its that time again when you can’t go a block or two without seeing a political yard sign.  Here are some things to remember: we will see tons of illegal signs, signs in the median, in the right of way, along the beltway and other illegal locations.  There are two things to remember: 1. Don’t get annoyed by seeing all the illegal Democrat signs.  2. Don’t complain about them – It’s just a sign of the season.

How do I Get My Signs in Front of Real Homes?

Well, as all of you who have been reading Dr. Politics know by now, the best solution involves having a solid social presence. Let your supporters know that you have yard signs and are looking for good homes to place signs. Include your email or cell phone for them to request signs.  What you want to do is collect the information location, address and so on, put it into excel, keep this information for future campaigns and be kind and share with your fellow Republicans the names of people who are willing to take a yard sign. 

Make it Easy

Offer to bring them the sign. Robin Ficker has this down to a science. He personally installs ever signs himself.  Most people don’t like having to drive out of their way to get a yard sign.  The best way to do this is deliver the sign yourself or have other people deliver it for you.  Also, who knows? You might pick up a volunteer for your campaign.

Large Signs

If you have large signs you will need a dedicated crew to install them. I remember back in 2010 someone called about a 4’ x 8’ yard sign for their yard.  After the volunteers dropped off the sign, the campaign got a call from the resident, who said “…I am 82 years old and I can’t put this sign up myself…”  Luckily, the candidate was a great person and that afternoon he drove himself to the person’s home, installed the sign for the campaign and picked up a $500.00 check for the campaign at the same time. 

I am not saying you will get a $500.00 check or any check for installing a yard sign, but you will get good will and as Morton Blackwell would say “…you can’t put a price on good will…”  Don’t leave large signs to be installed by the home owners.  It’s a big job to install a big sign.  So, you should have someone reliable to do the install.  Big Signs cost big bucks so don’t waste them.

One More thing

Don’t forget to pull aside signs for early voting and Election Day.  You will need two signs for every precinct.  Or two for every targeted precinct.

Montgomery County Republican Party