Fighting Feudalism

Fighting Feudalism

By Paul Agle

Many people are alarmed and concerned about what is happening in America.  But if you look at things from a thousand foot level (or even better – look at things from orbit) a picture emerges.

In a feudal society there are nobles with all the rights, there is an implementation class (knights, sheriffs, and such) with some rights and privileges, and serfs who are basically serfs.  This is the traditional top-down form of government.

The unique US constitution enshrined a different form government, bottom-up.  The constitution shackled the government with heavy chains to keep it under control and gave control to the common man through the ballot box.  "A republic, if you can keep it."

The elites and the establishment political class have been trying to break those chains for 240 years and recently their already too successful campaign has gone into overdrive. To destroy democracy isn't easy.  A Constitution which limited the Federal Government, a moral Christian culture, the family, an aggressive and vigilant news media, and an apolitical bureaucracy that fairly implemented passed laws made this the greatest country on earth with unparalleled opportunity.  But the elites weren't thriving.

To turn a democracy into a feudal society the rights to all assets must be taken from the people and given to the nobles, the implementation class (the “bureaucracy”) must loyal to the nobles, the population (the serfs) must not have access to accurate information or militarily useful weapons, and the vote must be turned into a pro forma exercise.

About 50 years ago the poorest 99% had control of most of American assets and money.  In the post war period the wealth of the 99% increased while the wealth of the top 1% was stagnant.  Since then the wealth of the 99% has decreased while the wealth of the 1% has steadily increased.  Government policy is transferring wealth to the nobles.

During the medieval period information control was achieved by not teaching the peasants how to read.  Information control in the modern era is achieved by ensuring that everything you read is inaccurate propaganda, by indoctrinating the bureaucracy and the children, and gagging anyone who speaks out.

The bureaucracy has been openly politicized and is being used as a tool to attack the right. The spying, police state tactics, and two tier enforcement of law (one for the right and one for the left) has gotten out of hand.  And the Woke are used as an American “Tonton Macoutes” to terrorize the population.  

The attacks on guns will continue until they are taken away.

Elections in large cities were never honest (Chicago has been said to have a 10% fraudulent vote since the 60s), but COVID-spawned changes allowed trafficking in ballots to reach 7% of the mail-in total in swing states, and allowed the mail-in vote to be a majority of the ballots.  Trump won the legitimate vote in the key swing states.  Unfortunately he only got legitimate votes.  In Maryland Biden got 20% more mail-in votes, than Trump got votes period.  And the crowd overflowing the border is an attempt to dilute the vote of real Americans.

America is declining because establishment politicians let it happen.  The Babylon Bee had an article about a Democrat pilot and a Republican co-pilot arguing over whether to fly their Boeing 747 into the ground at 700 MPH or a more responsible 600 MPH.  If you name the pilot “Brandon” and the co-pilot “Romney” the picture is complete.  What is worse is the dishonesty and corruption inside the beltway appears to be endemic.

How can you tell that a Republican is an establishment politician?

  1. They didn't vote for funding the border wall and negotiate amnesty for some or all illegals.
  2. They don't back anti-DEI and anti-CRT legislation
  3. They don't believe in, and defend to the death, free speech.
  4. They don't believe there is vote fraud and won't investigate it.
  5. They believe that climate change is a threat.
  6. They will vote for gun control measures.
  7. They were supportive of COVID policy.
  8. They are unwilling to end Obamacare.
  9. They read the Washington Post and the New York Times and believe what they are reading.

A lot of the problem is “dark money” (untracked funds) from overseas hostile governments, and overseas and local billionaires that advocate for policies harmful to America and Americans.  This makes it easy and lucrative to ignore what best for the American people.

America will continue to decline until we get rid of establishment politicians, all of them.  We need to elect politicians that are honest and will work to improve the lot of the working and middle class.  This means:

  1. Ending illegal immigration
  2. Defending Free Speech
  3. Defending honest elections
  4. Defending the 2nd amendment. 
  5. Defining people as binary (a simple fact).
  6. Removing people with Cluster B personality disorders (the Woke) from the education system and the bureaucracy, and ending their pernicious evils (like the “Cancel Culture” and CRT).
  7. Reducing government spending
  8. Restricting Federal agency actions against Americans and depoliticizing the agencies. 
  9. Reducing regulation and government interference in the lives of Americans.
  10. Bringing industry and mining back to America.
  11. Ignoring Climate Change except for adaptation measures.
  12. Ending green initiatives.  Any “green” initiative if viewed at close range is a tax on the 99% for no benefit.
  13. Reducing healthcare costs.
  14. Promoting traditional morals and ethics, and only supporting pro-family legislation.
  15. Reducing crime for all Americans where ever they live.

We must stop the march toward Feudalism. The Republican Party (and I would hope the opposition) must to turn away from policies that are destructive to the working and middle class and work to increase the wealth and security of the 99%.

What is good for them is good for America.  

God bless everyone, and God bless America.


Paul Agle is a Member of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee.


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