Final 2020 Pre Election

Choose Our Leaders, Vote, Vote, Vote!

Democracy, freedom, prosperity, and safety. It’s all on the ballot. Maryland is open and waiting for your vote – every day until 8 PM November 3. Make your voice count. In this general election, this federal election, your country needs your authority to choose leaders in the White House and Congress, Judges and important questions. Here’s another copy of our Advisory Ballot. It's who and what we support!


Where To Vote

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Do Me A Favor…

The last day of elections is Tuesday, November 3. If you have a Trump yard sign please take it to your closest polling site Tuesday and place it as a friendly reminder of our support. I’ll tell you why.

Some of the folks on the far left have been stealing our signs for some time. The ones in our neighbors yards disappear at night, and the ones we put up at early voting polling places the same. It’s certainly not all the Democrats, but enough of the “peaceful protestors” are not that friendly to different views – and seek to stifle ideas and opinions that they don’t hold. It’s happening all over the State.

Many signs are torn down, defaced and broken, but most just taken. There’s been a steady line at Headquarters of folks replacing their signs. leaving us very few for election day. We’ve told them for a while to take them in at night and install them again in the morning – that seems to work. Obviously we can’t do that at the voting sites. So that morning, the polls open at 7 AM, just drive by and put up the sign (in a friendly manner, not in front of anyone else’s material). It’ll be a great way to show your support. We’ve distributed thousands of signs but it’s been hard to keep up with the theft.

Thanks for your support, on to victory election night.


Check your ballot

If you vote in person and choose to use the electronic ballot please make sure you check at the end to see your choice has been made correctly. Several people have said they voted Trump but checked the paper printout right before depositing it and it says Biden. Voters from several different sites have reported the same experience, told the judge and adjusted the ballot prior to finally casting it. Just make sure one last time it marks it correctly. The Board of Elections is monitoring the situation. 


We're working hard for you.

We keep printing more Sample Ballots. We've distributed over 35,000...and may need more. A couple of polling places ran low and we were able to replenish quickly. It’s remarkable the talent we have, with so many going beyond what’s expected. Door knocking, telephoning, texting, working the polls, literature handouts, in person greeting, working the office, delivering signs and material, contributions and support, the list goes on and on. 

The folks from the Board of Elections have been remarkable, with quick answers and efforts to look into issues. I know this change is daunting, but going pretty well – like all of 2020 it’s the first time doing things this way, less sites and a huge amount of absentee ballots.

Yes, you can still volunteer to hand out literature at the polls, call MCGOP at 301-417-9256 to leave a message. This weekend continues to be busy with Pennsylvania bound folks, a beltway car caravan and continued voting. We’re committed to the reelection of the President, the passage of 9D for fairer representation, a new Republican Congressman and the reelection of the professional sitting judges. We’ll accomplish it all, and that’s the best type of victory.

I’m so glad to be with such a group of passionate, loyal and hard-working Republicans. Thank you for all you do. Get ready for our major push next Tuesday – and look forward to our well won resulting victory!

Remember the pundits predictions in 2016? They were all wrong. Do you think the same will happen this year?

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Montgomery County Republican Party