Frank Nice Spotlight

As you know, I am running a very hard and intense campaign to become the first Republican to win Office in Montgomery County in two decades.  I am running for Legislative District 19 Delegate. District 19 runs through the heart of Montgomery County and is probably the most gerrymandered District in the County.  I call it a wounded salamander with growths coming off of it in all directions.  The head is in Derwood and the tail is in Silver Spring.

My slate of three opponents have $200,000 to defeat me.  I know I can beat them with adequate funding.  I have raised two-thirds of the funding to do this but still must raise another $30,000 to get over the top to win.  Only five weeks remain until the General Election and even less until mail-in and early voting.  I must make my final move now.

Again, as most of you know, I have plastered the County with my campaign signs, building up awesome name recognition.  I am door knocking on as many doors as possible with thousands already under my belt.  I am doing a massive direct mailing unlike any Republican candidate has in a long time.  I am continually contacting potential donors.

To finish, I need two crucial forms of support:

  1. Donations that total $30,000: 10 donations of $3,000, 30 donations of $1,000; 300 donations of $100, or 1000 donations of $30. It does not matter how big or how small.
  2. People to find places to put up even more signs AND people to wave signs anywhere they wish in my District and anywhere else in the County.

You can mail donation checks to:

Citizens For Frank Nice

PO Box 5616

Derwood, MD 20855

You can donate on my website:

You can contact me for signs or to wave signs at:


[email protected]



This year is the perfect storm.  It is now or never for the Republican Party and the citizens of Montgomery County.  A win for me is a win for all of Montgomery County.

Thank you.

Dr, Frank Nice


Montgomery County Republican Party