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Lorraine grew up in Rochester, NY.   She attended American University in Washington, DC where she studied International Relations and Economics.  Once in the center of government action, she remained.  

Her love of travel was piqued when she was part of an International Humanitarian Aid group which took her to Russia.  “I was very glad to return to America, and the Russian experience made me realize how very fortunate we are to live here with so much freedom,” Lorraine said.  For fifteen years, she worked for a travel-related company, a natural fit for a woman who loves the adventure of travel.  Lorraine has packed her bags for at least twenty trips to Europe.  One of her favorite countries was Hungary where she loved the food.  Since 2003 Lorrainne has been employed as Director of Administration for The Livingston Group, former Congressman Bob Livingston’s government relations firm.  She has worked there for 18 years.

Lorraine’s father is a Ukrainian immigrant who has only a sixth grade formal education.  Despite that, he was able to start a business.  Her mother is of Ukrainian descent and Lorraine is active in the Ukrainian American community. Musically trained in piano and voice, Lorraine participates in the music ministry of her North Bethesda church.

Those who have called GOP Headquarters and left a message have likely spoken with Lorraine who calls back those who left messages.   In April of 2016, she was asked, by the then Central Committee Chair, to respond to Headquarters voicemails “for about 3 months.”  She likes talking with the callers, and enjoys their conversations.  Some call with complaints, some seeking information, offer to become more involved, and comments that prompt enjoyable conversations.  Face to face dialog is one of the advantages of working at the Republican booth at fairs and events, and she likes that.  Lahinch Tavern & Grill is one of her favorite restaurants.   

Lorraine has served as MCGOP Treasurer, Finance Chair, and was Chair of the Conservative Author’s Series.  In the spring of 2017 when MCGOP moved the website to Nationbuilder, she headed the website review committee to determine layout for the new site.  Worked in small business management for most of career, except for a couple of years on President George W. Bush’s staff in Correspondence.  Lorraine has been a CCWRC member since 2002;  2nd Vice Pres (Program Chair) 2011-13, and MCFRW political activities co-chair 2013-14.  She has a University of Dallas MBA and a Certificate in web design from Georgetown University.  Rochester NY native. Active in the Ukrainian American community.

Having visited about half of the states in the USA, Lorraine wants to see the others.  None she has visited stands out as a favorite, as each is unique in its own way.  Her next trip will be to cover more states.



It is hard to keep pace with Dwight!!  His political interests date back to his high school days when, at about 15 years old, he met the former V.C. of Central Committee, Katja Bullock.  In 1987, Dwight Patel, Marcus Alzona, David Talcott, Elisa Bocanegra, Kirk Waibel, Wayne Tung, Sven Khatri and Keary Loomis started the first High School Republican Club in Maryland, called the Blazer Republicans group at Montgomery Blair High School.  

Dwight Patel, first got interested in politics at a young age watching the 1976 GOP Convention with his grand-dad.  Dwight was always a Republican in 1980 in his fourth grade class he was one of 4 kids who voted for Reagan in the Mock Election, John Anderson got 1 vote and 19 went to Jimmy Carter.

In 1988 Dwight and his Blazer Republican Club volunteered on the Bush Quayle and Connie Morella campaign.  After the Election in November Dwight met former Vice Chair of the MCGOP the Honorable Katja Bullock, he called head quarters and Katja answers the phone.  Dwight asked if he could have eight tickets to the inauguration of President Bush, January 20, 1989.  Dwight got the trademark Katja response “Honey I will see what I can do, no promises…”   Katja worked her magic as she is famously known for she got him 8 tickets to the Inauguration and as a bonus go 6 invites to the Junior Inaugural Ball, which had a surprise guest, The President and the First Lady.

Until his Junior year politics was a hobby, however Junior year in High School he took a Political Science class at Montgomery College, Rockville, where his professor Bob McHenry who inspired him to look at Politics as a career.  Until this point Dwight was looking at being the next Frank Lloyd Wright, however destiny had a different path for him.  He decided his Senior year he’d go to GW and major in International Affairs, however his Dad said everyone in our family has a Science Degree, Dwight made a compromise first he’d get his International Affairs degree then go back for his Architecture degree.  

While in college he got his first paid political job working for Candidate for Governor of Maryland in 1990, Bill Shepherd, Dwight says, “Bill Shepherd was the most unique candidate for Governor, because he had his wife as his running mate.”  Shepherd and Shepherd lost in the fall election of 1990.  While in College Dwight Interned for Sen. Alfonse D’Amato, twice once his freshman year and again his junior year.   In 1992 Dwight was youth Director for Pete King for Congress, NY-3, (became NY-2 in 2013).   In 1993 Dwight went to work on the George Allen for Governor Campaign in Virginia.  Over his career  in politics Dwight has managed campaigns in New York, New Jersey, Alabama, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Maryland.  

Dwight has been active with the Montgomery County GOP long before he was appointed to the Central Committee in 2011.  Former Chairman Mark Uncapher and former Vice Chair Katja Bullock encouraged him to apply for the vacancy on the Central committee for an At-Large slot.  Dwight was elected in 2014 and re-elected in 2018.  Some of his activities with the Central Committee, along with Bruce Stern, he organized the two very successful Golf Tournaments which morphed into our Fall Reagan Dinner, the reasoning behind was “…Well we had more people interested in the dinner than the golf…”  In addition he added the breakfast and lunch component to the County Convention, which turned the convention from a loss leader to a profitable venture.    

If you are out of breath, rest and read on…

Dwight is also a published writer.  His book “The Ray Krul Story” details the life of Ray Krul of Baltimore County who played for the Durham Bulls.  Ray bought the Rosedale Ice Company and was largely responsible for the election of Spiro Agnew.  To accomplish this, Ray put a political card in each customer’s ice delivery!  Ray had a dishonest partner who cheated him, and he had to start over.  Never discouraged, Ray dug in and did just that!  He was best known for his very generous help for many people.

Photography has always interested Dwight, and he also published a coffee table book “Maryland State of Mind” featuring his photos of the state’s diverse landscapes and scenes.  More of Dwight’s photography appears on his websites:  Dwight’s, Dwight’s and Dwight’s

Several years ago, Dwight relates, he weighed 350 pounds.  One day, looking in the mirror, he said to himself, “This has to change.”  He began power walking and lost a significant amount of that weight.  Soon, however, he began running and was doing just that during this interview!  In 2010 he weighed in at 158 pounds!  On average during the week, he runs 6 miles, and on weekends will often run 10 miles.

Dwight is a Trekkie!!  His favorite move of all time is Star Trek 2.  His favorite songs are Forever Young, Thunder Road, and River of Dreams.  Archie Bunker’s Place, All in the Family, the Jeffersons, Simpsons, I Dream of Jeannie and all the Lucy shows are favorite television.

His grandfather? Had a large collection of Lionel trains which Dwight inherited.  He also collects old toys, and has a large collection of political campaign pins and likes gardening.

Dwight loves road trips and his favorite vacation is driving across the country.  He has been to 39 states so far, and the longest trip was cross country to California.  The Dakotas and Alaska are on his bucket list.   

Quotes –

“I so admire Dwight Patel for his optimistic, positive and innovative leadership to advance our shared foundational principles. Our country and party need many more passionate, creative Initiators like Dwight to attract more freedom-loving people to our cause.”

- Governor George Allen

”Dwight is one of my oldest and most valuable friends in politics. He is the ultimate political warrior-always willing to go to bat for the GOP and our candidates-even in deep blue Montgomery County!”

- Governor Bob Ehrlich

“Dwight is one of the most optimistic and creative guys, I ever had the pleasure of meeting”

  • Sen. Alfonse D’Amato, NY

“My friend Dwight Patel, I first met when I ran for US Congress, in a few words he is loyal, hardworking and clever, no one should ever make the mistake of underestimate him”

  • Rep. Pete King, NY-2


Karol Smith is a writer, former candidate, organizer of GOP Asbury and member of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee.

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