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There seems to be no end to the “historic” times we are living in--- record illegal immigration, rising food and energy prices, nationwide crime coupled with police force reductions, failing schools and the weaponization of our government agencies and the judicial system against citizens.

Here in Montgomery County, our population has decreased two years in a row and we face big problems with out-of-control spending, rising crime, underperforming schools, failing major highways and bridges, banning of natural gas usage in our homes, the dissolvement of single family home neighborhoods and much, much more.

Our elected County Executive and County Council have announced plans for a 10% property tax increase, raising the recordation fee for selling/buying homes, continuing to force high density buildings into single family neighborhoods under Thrive 2050, and their obsession with the “Road Diet” of swapping out needed car lanes for bike lanes, adding speed humps and more speed cameras. The Board of Education continues to dumb down the curriculum, promote critical race theory and men in women’s sports and recently voted to deny parents the right to “opt-out” of lessons involving LGBTQ+ issues in class.

MCGOP (Montgomery County Republican Party) believes in limited government, fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, individual freedom and liberty. We need your involvement and your donations to help us stand-up and push back on the destructive County policies that result in working families leaving.

We know that times are tough and would appreciate what you can give to support our work. Please make an online donation by clicking this link HERE or send a check made payable to MCGOP and send to MCGOP, 15833 Crabbs Branch Way, Rockville, MD 20855.

With great appreciation,

The Montgomery County Republican Party

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Montgomery County Republican Party

Montgomery County Republican Party