How We Respond

How We Respond Will Make All The Difference

Back in early 2020, President Trump stated what is now obvious, but at the time did not fully resonate with many Republicans.  He said, “In reality, Democrats aren’t after me, they’re after you.  I’m just in the way.”

Jump ahead to today, almost 5 months into the Biden-Harris Regime, with President Trump in the rearview mirror (for now at least). Democrats are on a blitz, pushing programs, policies and agendas that are turning our nation upside down. The attacks on President Trump continue, mostly as a background drumbeat for their most radical elements. The true target, as President Trump predicted, is us and “our ilk”.  Conservatives, primarily whites, religious, fiscally conservative, believers in the Constitution, nuclear family, freedom, and liberty.

This coordinated attack by our federal, state, and local governments, in partnership with Big Tech, Big Business and radical groups like the ACLU, CAIR, Planned Parenthood, BLM, Antifa and more, could not be more overt.  Everything and anything in the way of their socialist game plan is a target of the multilayered Biden-Harris radical coalition. Here are just a few outrageous examples:

Illegal Immigration: The southern border is wide open. Every man, women, and child from Mexico and Central America interested in free education, healthcare, social services, amnesty, and citizenship can cross the border virtually unimpeded. In fact, federal agencies (and their hired NGO partners) will bus, or even fly these uninvited guests to any locality in the nation at our expense, often in the dead of night to avoid detection. Montgomery County, as expected, has been on the receiving end of these covert drops with hundreds of illegals now calling our neighborhoods home.

Potential border jumpers from around the globe have gotten the message and are doing their best to get to Mexico for the journey north. What do we get from this sanctioned alien invasion? Higher taxes, overcrowded schools and ESOL, increased crime, human trafficking and prostitution, undereducated non-English speaking workers, overstressed services, diluted culture and voting power, and the privilege of being called racist if we oppose all this.  

Critical Race Theory and Cancel Culture: Despite the fact my relatives arrived legally in the early 1900’s well after slavery ended, I’m white so therefore I’m racist against minorities and my family tree obviously includes slaveowners and KKK members!  But of course.  Paying reparations to descendants of black slaves may be in our future as well since the trillions already spent on Great Society Program, Affirmative Action, and dozens of other Democrat social welfare initiatives over the decades did not quite work in the inner cities. However, hard work, education, nuclear family, and equal opportunity seemed to do the trick for most of us.

Never mind my ancestors were the original ghetto dwellers and have been persecuted, slaughtered, and forced to flee from many countries, some to this day. My grown children are now being forced to “repent” at their workplaces for being white and privileged, while my grandchildren are learning in public school that America was founded on slavery and racism (1619), and that whites thrived on the forced labor of minorities.  I think we would all agree that rational discussion on CRT with school administrators is not an option.  Makes one wonder if the public school boards work for the taxpayers or the taxpayers work for the public school boards?  

All, this while Simon & Schuster cancels publication of Senator Josh Hawley’s (R-MO) book on Big Tech, more and more conservative citizens, leaders and media outlets are permanently blocked on Twitter and Facebook, United Airlines mandates that more than 50 percent of their future pilots will be minorities (whites need not apply), and the black Mayor of Chicago announced she is only giving interviews to minority reporters – all while the black on black crime/murder rate in Chicago sizzles off the charts. But don’t dare complain.

Defund and Disrespect the Police: Crime is up across the nation as the Biden Democrats and their BLM/Antifa partners continue to pressure jurisdictions to “reimagine policing” and negatively publicize any and all police actions specifically against blacks (again whites no longer matter). These police actions, unfairly reported by leftist politicians and media often results in riots and looting, leading to a growing number of police officers leaving their jobs.  Makes me feel safe, how about you?  Even liberal Montgomery County is not immune from the crime surge and lawlessness, with car jackings, robberies, rapes and assaults on the steady rise. 

Because of our MD-VA-DC location one would think the FBI would have the ability and resources to step in to and help local law enforcement stem this growing crime rate.  But alas, the FBI is quite busy hunting down the tens of thousands of law-abiding citizens, many in our neighborhoods who attended or might have attended Trump rallies in DC to determine their loyalty to the Biden Regime. Fortunately, the remaining 2,000 plus National Guard surrounding the Capitol, with Trump like border fencing, are leaving by the end of May.  Be assured their bags will stay packed just in case those Trump supporters dare to show their faces again in DC.  

What about Biden’s policies on school closures, energy, budget deficits, inflation, economic stagnation, Israel and terrorism, 2nd amendment, Supreme Court, Statehood for DC, etc.  Makes you think how right President Trump was on all these issues and more the last 4 years. In hindsight, were those Tweets really that bad?

How should we respond?

First and foremost, do not ever give up.  The 2020 election was quite close even with all the Democrat shenanigans.  And January 6, while a misguided deed by a few hundred, it was not an insurrection at the Capitol so stop feeling guilty and come out of hiding.  Remember, Portland, Seattle, Milwaukee and other Democrat cities are still smoldering and the perpetrators don’t seem to be filling our courthouses and jails.  

Regarding the MCGOP, treat 2021 like an election year (there are some local races by the way).  Sign up now on the website to volunteer (events, campaigns, research, writing, IT support, outreach to small businesses and minorities), take the orientation class offered, donate funds, purchase a business ad in the monthly newsletter, get friends and others to register to vote, enjoy the MoCo Monday Zoom Speaker Series to stay current on topics affecting all of us. Enough talking, get involved instead.

Election year 2022 is right around the corner with 50+ Montgomery County officials up for election, not to mention Governor, Congressional seats (control of the House, Cong. Andy Harris) and more. Key races are also taking place with our immediate neighbors in Frederick County (County Executive) and Howard County (No Sanctuary ballot) that will affect our quality of life in MoCo depending on the outcome. Again, stay apprised and donate/volunteer if you can. Remember, everything you do will make a difference so start now.


Brad Botwin is the Organization Chair for the Montgomery County Republican Party.


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