How YOU Can Help Spread our Ideas

By Gail Weiss

A year ago, after the 2018 General Assembly session ended, where many others and I testified against horrible bills that would have, among other things, made Maryland a sanctuary state, I felt the desperate need to celebrate, socialize and simply be surrounded by fellow conservatives.  And today, I realize more than ever that I needed to counter the toxic barrage of living in Montgomery County among the pink-hat-wearing leftists.

So, while I was still ‘Jane conservative citizen,’ well before becoming an elected member of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee (aka MCGOP), I put the word out to the fellow conservatives who I knew and said “Let’s meet up for happy hour!” So began the “third Thursday conservative happy hour.” (TTCHH). 

It is still going strong a year later in Rockville (check the “Events” page on the MCGOP website) and is getting started in other locations around the county, which was my hope from the beginning. I would love to see it spread to other counties across Maryland – let’s have Maryland conservatives gather and celebrate on the third Thursday of each month wherever they are across the state!

One of the most rewarding aspects of this venture is meeting other conservatives who have been silently grumbling about our county or about national politics within the privacy of their own homes. After taking the first brave step to venture out and see what a conservative happy hour looks like, they quickly realize that they’re NOT alone.  Meeting with like minded people opens up new horizons.

After all, there is STRENGTH IN NUMBERS. We network and share ideas, discuss current news – all these things and more happen at the TTCHHs.

Because it is not easy for someone to get to the opposite side of the county just for a happy hour, I urge you to start one in your area just like I did! There is no commitment. No RSVPs are needed. Whoever shows up, shows up. I’ve never been left sitting alone yet! Whether you are in Poolesville, Germantown or Friendship Heights – if you start it, the conservatives will come!

We need all liberty-loving conservatives to get involved if we are ever going to bring political competition back to Montgomery County.  And it starts with YOU, not with someone else. But now the Central Committee members are here to help!  

For anyone who has the interest and initiative to do something but just needs some guidance, the Central Committee is now the place to bring your ideas AND your willingness to make your ideas happen!

Feel free to email me Gail Weiss directly and I’ll be happy to help you get started.  If I don’t know the answer, I will try to help find the person who does know.

Come out of the shadows! Come meet your fellow conservatives at something as non-committal as a happy hour!  And be part of the fun solution to bringing political competition back to Montgomery County and helping to turn around the over-taxed and over-regulated direction that this county has been sliding towards for a long time. JOIN US by doing something, even something as easy as saying “cheers!”

Montgomery County Republican Party