I-270 Road Study and Widening Project Update

By Marc King Candidate for Maryland House of Delegates, District 15

For those up-county Montgomery County residents who spend many long hours on I-270, both morning and night, the news that Governor Hogan was launching a 2-phase detailed study of the I-270 corridor and how to make improvements to the traffic situation from the Frederick County line to the I-495 Beltway was a welcome development across the entire political spectrum. The study was solicited as a public bid and a contract was awarded to a Kansas-based company recognized for its expertise in providing accurate data to decision makers in a cost effective and responsible manner.

However, in an attempt at misdirection, the County Council issued a press release criticizing the governor for “indefinitely suspending” the Phase Two part of the study. For those who may not know, the Phase Two portion of the study starts at the juncture of I-370 and I-270 and continues north to the Frederick County line. The governor was forced to delay the continuation of the Phase Two study when it was discovered that his Secretary of Transportation had once been a senior executive with the company that was awarded the contract. Acting in the best interest of all Marylanders, he has temporarily halted the study and has directed that the Phase Two portion be re-bid under the direction of a different group of decision makers in the MDDOT. The current secretary has recused himself from the process.

Contrary to the information in the press release posted by County Council President Hans Reimer, the project has not been suspended “indefinitely.” In fact, in a recent Baltimore Sun article, Maryland State Treasurer Nancy K. Kopp is quoted as saying: “I believe that this is the appropriate move and I appreciate the governor taking that action,” adding that “In the long scheme of things, I don’t think this should delay the project significantly and it’s better to do things right.”

So, for those up county residents who thought the governor was letting you down… he is not! He is doing the right thing for Maryland and the residents of Montgomery County! Let’s make sure we get out the vote and re-elect Governor Larry Hogan – Montgomery County Matters!

Lt. Col. Marc King (USA, Ret.) who retired from the Army after 30 years of service, decided to run for the Maryland House of Delegates from LD 15 in order to help End One Party Rule in Maryland and Montgomery County. He is dedicated to supporting Governor Hogan’s agenda, and believes that the most important issues facing Montgomery County are the opioid crisis; MS-13 gang violence; traffic congestion; school safety and rising property taxes.

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