I Want To Change My Party Affiliation


It’s a question we’re seeing more and more, especially among immigrant Americans. Folks from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America who’ve immigrated to the U.S. and become voting citizens call us often to ask about changing their affiliation.  “I came here for freedom and democracy – to escape an oppressive government…and many people seem eager to bring that type of government here!”

People who lived through the “Cultural Revolution”, government “Manifestos” in Central and South America, and controlling and dividing structures all over the world come here for the promise of freedom and liberty, yet encounter division, cancellation and tribalism. They even see the government proposing a “paused” Ministry of Truth. Add to that shortages, lockdowns, crippling inflation - and now even a shortage of baby formula. They don’t like it.

Latino Americans are one example, their overall support for the Democrats has plummeted from 75% to around 25% - rather rapidly too. They hate the term “Latinix” but it’s foisted on them as a term that’s good for them. The present administration is allowing almost an unlimited influx into their towns along the US border. And while most US Border Agents are hispanic Democrats the current Administration paints them as evil guards whipping migrants at the border, and the Press echoes those views.

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The Maryland Government, overwhelmingly controlled by Democrats from only four jurisdictions, makes change of affiliation difficult. There's a website set up by the State to accomplish it, you can visit it HERE. We'll also have volunteers at MCGOP Headquarters in Derwood soon to help folks address any changes they'd like to make, or simply to sign up to vote in the upcoming, very important Primary.

If you leave your contact information at [email protected] we'll contact you as soon as our volunteers are set up. If you're already certified by the State to conduct voter registration tell us that too, and of course we'd love to hear why you think it's time for a change in government on ANY level.

Let us know at [email protected].

Montgomery County Republican Party