Is Your Child On the List?

By Sheila Weiss

Montgomery County Police Department's secret list of freedom loving children. Children who dare to express their opinion or question the progressive dogma. Who don't subscribe to the morals, values and political beliefs taught as fact under the guise of progressive and "anti-racist" classrooms. This is really happening. Now. In Montgomery County.



The dirty little secret is that the police have created their secret list by taking private information about these children from their educational records at MCPS. Without parental permission or even their knowledge. MCPS is under investigation by the US Department of Education for letting the School Resource Officers violate the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA is the federal law that allow parents access to their children's educational records and also protects them from these unauthorized disclosures.

The police bias incident database contains unverified and false reports of anything someone finds offensive, from religious beliefs and political opinions to inappropriate and childish behaviors. This list also contains reports of actual hate crimes; where someone was tried and found guilty of a crime. They are all jumbled together and treated as if they are the same. They are not.

The most recently published Police Departments Bias Incident Report shows just how far Montgomery County has gone to repackage first amendment speech as a hate crime.

In its annual report of biased incidences, Montgomery County Police list three reports that they received in January 2019 involving churches or the catholic religion:

  • Unknown subject(s) vandalized two religious statues at a Catholic church.
  • Unknown subjects vandalized the doorways, another statue, and several outbuildings of a Catholic church.
  • Unknown subject(s) distributed a serious of pro-Christian flyers which included references to homosexuality as a sin.

The first two incidents are criminal activity, vandalism. The last incident is religious speech, an activity protected under the 1st amendment. However, all of these activities are reported as if they are true and verified criminal activity. Speaking of verified, just 2 of the 108 "hate bias incidents" that the Montgomery County Police reported to the state in 2019 were verified as true by the police.  Two.  Meanwhile, MCPD was responsible for 80% of the unfounded reports send by the various county agencies to the state that year.

What about children?  Schools, elementary through high school, accounted for one out of every five (21%, n=85) bias reports in Maryland. Most of these reports were never verified or even investigated. Montgomery County reported almost 40% of all the (n=32) school-related bias incidents in the state. One might think that Montgomery county children are a bunch of hateful criminals. More likely, MCPS are throwing our children under the bus, repressing free speech and shut down dissenting voices through fear and intimidation.

In just one month, February 2019, there were nine bias incidents reported to Montgomery County Police occurred in schools and one-third were reported from Winston Churchill High School. Churchill's first-year principal had declared war on the teen expression, reporting her students to police for bias almost weekly. And not for weapons, or drugs or fighting.  There were two police reports of swastikas doodled in pencil, contemporaneous with lessons about World War II. And then the Principal achieved international notoriety, and won several awards, when she mischaracterized an Internet meme about cancel culture as racist. Without investigation, hearing, or knowledge, the accused children had their personal information released to the police who repacked all of these incidents as hate crimes. Inappropriate pencil doodles became vandalism and holding a paper became an assault. These children are among the many whose names are on Montgomery County's secret police list. Is your child on the list yet?  Are you?


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Sheila Weiss is a concerned parent from Potomac.


Montgomery County Republican Party