Jan Hogan is right

Gov. Hogan is right on prosecutions

By Jim Shalleck

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Opinion: Gov. Hogan is right on prosecutions

By Jim Shalleck

Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby (D) is wrong; Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) is right. Their feud, as highlighted in the Dec. 22 Metro article “Baltimore’s Mosby ramps up Hogan feud, accusing him of ‘dog-whistling,” exemplifies the national debate over prosecutors who have decided not to prosecute certain crimes in their discretion. A prosecutor is sworn to prosecute the guilty and protect the innocent. They are not to decide which crimes should be prosecuted. That is a function of the legislature, elected representatives of the people, to decide what conduct is criminal. Prosecutors certainly have the authority to decide what cases to plea-bargain, to bring to trial and to recommend sentences, but not to decide what criminal statutes should not be enforced. 

If Ms. Mosby doesn’t want to enforce the law, she should run for the legislature and change the law. We need effective and fair prosecution of criminals; otherwise, society becomes lawless and unsafe. Not all offenders should go to jail, but they should be accountable in a court of law. Without the rule of law, we have no society. 

Mr. Hogan is right: We must fight crime, not ignore it.

Jim ShalleckMontgomery Village

The writer is a candidate for the Republican nomination for Maryland attorney general.
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