Jan Woke List to Die For

The Woke List to Die for?

By Bill Richbourg

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Just to make sure you are awake to the world the Woke have been so “successful” in implementing I am going to summarize from a piece written by Victor Davis Hanson.

“So academia, corporate boardrooms, Hollywood, the media, the Pentagon, professional sports teams, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street in near-hysterical fashion all boarded the woke train. All boasted of ferreting out ’white rage’ and hiring legions of diversity, equity, and inclusion czars.”

“Critical race theory would be mainstreamed to excise racism and discrimination by embracing racism and discrimination.”

“Crime would be seen as mostly a construct created by the elite to protect their own privilege, prerogatives and property.”

“Social justice warriors could replace defunded police. Gone would be most bail, incarceration, mandatory jail time, etc.”

“Green agendas would fundamentally transform America in putting a stop to man-made “climate change” so lots of oil and gas leases were either canceled or their fees vastly increased.”

Printing more cash, they believed, would “spread the wealth” and devalue the cash of undeserving capitalists who had too much of it. To the extent inflation followed, it would be a “good thing”

“Biden would soberly vaccinate us all, claiming the vaccine’s efficacy as his own and predicted victory over the virus by the fourth of July.”

“The border would be opened,  and stay open. As citizens of the world, the left welcomed 2 million immigrants who arrived illegally without audit or vaccinations during a pandemic.”

So in just 10 months, the left got what it wanted and the people are becoming not just sick of what has followed but disgusted. They are TERRIFIED that the left is not just failing, but also wrecking the country.  Here is where I differ with Dr. Hanson. We cannot sit back and fret that “You reap what you sow”, “be careful what you wish for”, etc. We must get, dust ourselves off and take a stand, fight back with every tool at our disposal. 

If you have ideas for fighting back please let us know and help you implement those tools. The time is now fellow conservatives. Stand up folks! I want to leave a Republic for my children. I pray that you will join me in the fight.

Montgomery County Republican Party