Joe Biden, Brett Kavanaugh, and Double Standards

By Dennis Melby

The left-wing media had a field day with the nomination of Montgomery County resident Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court in 2018. The Kavanaugh family has been a bedrock of Montgomery County for years. Many of us remember voting for his mother for District Court Judge, and his wife Ashley has been the town manager for their section of Chevy Chase since 2016. However, since Justice Kavanaugh was nominated by a Republican president, the left decided that whatever the cost, he had to be dismissed from consideration, much less confirmation.

The media dragged him and his family through the mud to the point where nothing, no matter how outlandish, was too nasty to print, publish or broadcast.  It didn’t have to be true. If an allegation supported their hatred, it was promulgated - and it tore the country’s fiber apart for months.

Fast-forward to today: allegations against the presumptive Democratic nominee for president, Joe Biden, are greeted with massive silence by the left-wing media. Although a former senate staffer has made vocal and serious charges against the former senator, there’s little interest from the media, left-wing attorneys, or from the left-wing women’s groups that were salivating to out-do each other’s outrage just a few years ago.

Folks say that if it weren’t for Double Standards, the left would have no standards at all!  That certainly seems to be true.  How can we go from “All Women Must Be Believed” back to “innocent unless proven guilty” at such breakneck speed? Could it be the politics of the left?  The answer is a resounding yes.

Fairness would dictate, well, fairness.  Of course, you and I don’t know the truth about these accusations. And we don’t assume that the people accused are indeed guilty. We want fairness and justice for everyone, not just the left or the right, everyone. It’s instructive to watch the far-left media go to such lengths to put a cone of silence on allegations against one side. And it’s even more revealing to see so many others climb on board that train. 

These days, we’re watching another chapter unfold in the ongoing saga of the morality of the media – those entrusted with investigating, exposing and shining sunlight on the activities of our elected leaders.  We’re watching very closely to see if they treat people fairly or if they continue to take sides, fabricate and cover up for those they favor.  


Dennis Melby is a member of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee and a former member of the Friendship Heights Village Council.

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