Josephine Wang, State Senate Candidate, LD 17: Educator for Maryland

By Deborah Lambert

Josephine Wang is waging an energetic campaign this fall, pushing for changes in Montgomery County. Her strong suit is education, and she is not only concerned about school safety but also promoting education funding for non-public schools that would give parents more of a choice about where their children go to school.

Another focus of her campaign is transportation.  Besides supporting Governor Hogan’s plans to widen Montgomery County highways, Ms. Wang believes that Maryland needs to Fund 1/3 of the Metro for maintenance and expansion.  This would mean $150 million or more to help ensure Metro keeps the region vibrant.

Still another concern is the need to urge the DACA children who are now adults to apply for citizenship if they have not committed any crimes and have become contributing members of our community.

Ms. Wang’s numerous accomplishments include serving as a Reagan appointee where she had the pleasure of working for former Secretary of Education William Bennett at the U.S. Department of Education's OBEMLA (Office of Bilingual Education and Minority Language Affairs) and serving for Bush 41 as a member of the Intergovernmental Advisory Coordinating Council on Education.  

Ms. Wang earned a BA from Queens College and an MA from George Washington University followed by teaching experience in New York City and serving as a Mandarin teacher for adults in Montgomery County for 25 years. Her students included retired principals and NIH scientists who traveled to China.  She was also the staff development teacher for MCPS where she received an Outstanding Employee citation.

Her message to LD 17 voters is this: “My pro-education candidacy also welcomes new and legal immigrants! My advice is the following: Learn English, get the highest degree possible, maintain a portion of your own heritage and become a lawmaker so that the community is richer in culture and life experience!”

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