July 2021 Chairman's Message

Our Republican Party stands strong as we commemorate our 245'th Independence Day.

Our party’s ideals and our vision stand strong. We stand for freedom of religion, freedom from tyranny, and a drive toward equal treatment, under the law, for every Man and Woman in these great and United States.

The pillars of our Republican history are steeped in the history of our great United States. From when Abraham Lincoln stood against the Democrat establishment and oppose their efforts to continue slavery to after the Civil War when we pushed through Emancipation, pushed through voting rights, pushed through women's right to vote, and ever expanded the great freedoms Americans rely on. All the time with opposition by the Democrats.

We we're still fighting the progressive proposal to divide and conquer, instead of unite! As a united Republican party, we stand in opposition to racism against Whites, Asians, legal immigrants and conservative people of color as the Democratic playbook continues to execute their strategy of intolerance.

We must be united against the progressive politicians pushing laws restricting personal freedoms, far-left school boards mandating something they call "Critical Race Theory", and folks living behind private security screaming "Defund the Police".  All the time prices are rising, crime is rising and the schools are falling behind.  We'll have none of that... I promise you we won't back down.

The grand reopening of our headquarters was an amazing success and brought together many like-minded Republicans for an afternoon of fun and fellowship. If you know of local conservative organization or groups, please point them our way so that we can continue the MCGOP goal of working together to make Montgomery County better.   

Thanks so much for your support of your local Republicans. Special thanks for the folks who stepped up this past month. Ceremonial display flags donated by the Chevy Chase Republican Women's Club and our great 1st Vice Chair Anne Koutsoutis,  Katja Bullock, Darby Gingery and others. A great Statue of Liberty portrait was provided by former Chairman Dennis Melby.

Make sure you read our Party Line newsletter this month.

  • Opinion pieces on Critical Race Theory, Defunding Police, and freedom of Discussion.
  • A wrap of our Maryland Republican Convention
  • Sign up for our Volunteer Orientation
  • See our Ads and join a Club
  • Check out the fundraiser for Kelly Schulz
  • Register for our July Webinar
  • Volunteer to work the Republican tent at the County Fair
  •  Come to our Summer Soiree July 10
  • Donate to the Cause

Our party is growing and we need tech help. Anyone that has database, social media or SQL expertise and can dedicate 6 to 10 hours per week is urged to contact me. See our ad in this newsletter.

As always, thanks for being a great Republican, and if you can, send me a note at [email protected]

I’d love to hear from you. Your notes are encouraging and welcome.

Reardon “Sully” Sullivan, PE

MCGOP Chairman

Montgomery County Republican Party