Kamala's Hypocritical Equity Word Salad


By Hessie Harris

Kamala Harris has again displayed her case of verbal diarrhea. She recently stated that “equity” requires that the Florida search, rescue and renewal efforts be first directed to assisting “people of color”.  It was in one of her usual word salads that does not contain one cogent sentence.

She has not even been to the Southern Border which she was assigned to as Immigration Czar.  Therefore unless some entity is channeling information from Florida to her, it is safe to say, she does not have have the basis for making such statement.   She probably will not go to Florida unless she decides she needs to understand the “root causes of Ian”. 

Looking at her statement, one would think that she had just emerged from the earliest days of the 20th century or perhaps midway of the 19th.  

It is no secret that in natural disasters during those times, state aid to Blacks was often far less than given to Whites.  Because federal aid came through the states, Blacks were more than shortchanged there too.

That was then and this is now!  There is no reason to believe that federal, state, and local aid is being or will  be unevenly distributed.  When a reporter asked a Black victim of the hurricane on national television if he felt Blacks were being shortchanged, he very enthusiastically and loudly repeated the Governor’s name.  He then added that he would be voting for Governor DeSantis, even though he himself is a Democrat!

News reports from Florida show that DeSantis has been everywhere!  In directing the state’s response to the hurricane, he has been interacting with citizens; volunteers; community leaders; and government officials at all levels including Biden.

Kamala and other Leftists, supported by the mainstream media, work to keep “people of color” agitated and angry claiming that in one way or another, they are being cheated by federal, state and local government. Furthermore, she and her cohorts posture that the Democrats, Leftists, and elites are the champions and protectors of “the people of color”.

They and self-appointed social justice warriors collect money from Whites indoctrinated in assumed guilt for ancient crimes they did not commit but are made to feel they must atone for.   Supposedly, the collectors are to use the huge sums to end “systemic racism”, whatever that is or is purported to be.  But the bulk of the money never reaches those for whom it is intended.  All they get is a few trinkets, financed riots and protests as well as mounds of propaganda, verbal and written.   Black Lives Matter principals for example, railed against Whites for systemic racism and collected at least ninety million dollars in contributions of which they used huge amounts to purchase real estate in very wealthy White neighborhoods.  Apparently, they do not wish to live around poor “people of color” if they can have alternatives. 

Kamala certainly does not, as she unceremoniously ran away from the front of the Vice-Presidential mansion, when illegal aliens were dropped off there.

It is highly hypocritical then for her to pretend concern that “people of color” hurricane victims receive “mythical” equitable relief.


Hessie L. Harris begins her first term as a Member of the Maryland Republican Central Committee in November.


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