Kensington Labor Day Parade

Join Governor Hogan

MCGOP - Our Candidates

and Robin Ficker

in the Kensington Labor Day Parade

Sign up here to march with the Governor:  Click Here

The Governor, MCGOP, Robin Ficker (our nominee for County Executive), and Linda Willard (our nominee for LD 18 MD State Delegate) are each marching in the parade separately.  Parade organizers created this interactive map to help locate meeting sites for parade segments.  

Hogan Segment

Number 20 in the parade.  Line up on North St. Paul Street, between Plyers Mill Road and DuPont Ave (map image #3).

For more information about Governor Hogan's segment in the parade contact Stephen McGee.  


Number 34 in the parade, listed as "Montgomery County District 18 Republicans." Line up on Oberon Street, cross street is Wheatley St. (map image # 4).

For more information about MCGOP's segment in the parade contact Joan Pleiman.  


Number 46 in the Parade, listed as"Robin Delivers for You." Line up on Wheatley Street, between Plyers Mill Rd and 192. (map image # 5).

For more information about the Ficker parade segment contact Robin Ficker.


Number 70 in the parade.  Line up on Lexington Street between Dupont Ave., and Plyers Mill Rd. (map image # 7).

For more information about the Willard parade segment contact Linda Willard.

MCGOP Booth -- Booth location is P-11 on Armory Lane on the park side of the road.   If you can help set up, haul materials and/or staff the MCGOP booth, please contact Jeff Brown.


8:45 am all vehicles need to be in line for your parade segment numbered

9:15 am road closures go into effect

9:30 am walkers need to be in line at the latest for your parade segment number

10:00 am Parade Starts (takes about 1.5 hours to walk the parade)

Notes for Volunteers and Candidates

  • Participants are asked to dress in red or patriotic colors
  • Volunteers are need to carry the banner, hand out candy, and give our small Maryland State Flags
  • All MCGOP candidates for office welcome to participate with the MCGOP segment of the parade.
  • If walking with the Governor's segment, candidates and volunteers are asked to wear a Hogan T-shirt rather than T-shirts for other campaigns.
  • For more information about parking and the parade route, click Parking or Parade Route
Montgomery County Republican Party