LD39 Holiday Happy Hour

Please join us at our Holiday Happy Hour next Thursday evening, Dec 16th, at Gentleman Jim's from 6-8pm. Last month the rain chased us inside from the fire pit but there is no indication of rain next week and the temps promise to be relatively mild.

Re-districting is in full swing at the local and congressional levels. I'll bring some maps and we can talk about the ongoing process and possible outcomes.
Some of our members are involved with the CRT issue right here in Montgomery County. There are opportunities to make a difference!
The county council continues to push their Thrive 2050 initiative which would, among other things, eliminate single family zoning. We need to keep making our voices of opposition heard!
As always, you folks from other districts are invited too. Besides, who knows what district we'll be in after the next few weeks! :-)
Hope you can join us.
Happy Holidays!
Montgomery County Republican Party