Left Coast becomes Less Woke

The Left Coast becomes a little less WOKE

On the far-left coast and in the most-woke city of San Francisco the Red Wave is visible. You can see it from Nancy Pelosi’s well stocked freezer. First, this Spring in the nearly all-Democrat City they voted out 3 of the WOKE school board members (members who had debated taking Abe Lincoln’s name off schools and making sure not too many Asian Americans could get into particular schools based on merit – instead of debating when to open doors to all students).

But they weren’t done, last week they overwhelmingly voted out WOKE left District Attorney Chesa Boudin, who they felt was more protective of the criminals than the victims. Boudin, the son of convicted murderers, was voted out by the Democratic super majority. Seems the homelessness, filth, lack of public safety, rampant theft, open drug use and lack of civility was too much even for the Center of the Progressive movement.

I know what you’re thinking, aren’t we “San Francisco on the Potomac”? How about us? Well, go to the grocery store and talk to folks about the price of food. Go to the gas station and put gas in the truck. Ask how the truck driver delivering your food and goods can afford to put gas in their tank. Go to the drugstore and ask the moms about formula, go to the schools and ask the dads picking up their kids what the kids are learning…is it reading and writing or is it genderism and racial hatred? Finally, work late and see if others worry if you’ll be home safe…and if the cops will feel supported by the WOKE Left County government if they come to help you if a crime occurs.

Yes, when even the WOKE Left coast starts reconsidering their choices you could see that change come here - quickly.

The Primary is July 19, early voting before that. Get ready.

Montgomery County Republican Party