Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

By Brad Botwin*

Well it’s not an election year for the Maryland State's Attorney for Montgomery County.  So why are we suddenly hearing from John McCarthy? He was recently on NBC-4 TV bragging about the great work his task force was doing to stop MS-13 Hispanic Gang Murders.  Terrific - but MS-13 murders are just one small piece in the illegal alien puzzle.

John McCarthy, State's Attorney for Montgomery County (D), Opines About Drop In MS-13 Gang Murders While Rapes, Drug Smuggling, Human Trafficking & Illegal Immigration Flourish In County

Click Here to see the link for the interview McCarthy gave to NBC:

McCarthy fails to mention (and NBC of course never asked) any of the other serious and growing problems impacting our culturally diverse county, all on his watch. For example, the number of overall rapes in the county increased from 126 in 2014 to 309 in 2016 to a shocking 509 in 2018.  Seems the 2019 numbers are still stewing and have yet to be released.  What is explanation for this sickening and growing phenomena in our Sanctuary County?  Are all those underage female rapes by illegal aliens driving up the numbers?

Sex and labor trafficking is also increasing in the county, with illegal aliens playing a major role.  The University of Maryland SAFE Center for Human Trafficking Survivors is so concerned about the uptick that they are opening a new facility in Rockville to handle the caseload.  SAFE Centers provide many legal and social services for victims, all with Spanish/English translators (not surprising) on site. Not a peep from McCarthy about this. 

And McCarthy never shows his face when County Executive Marc Elrich and his very diverse band of Council members openly support illegal immigration and sanctuary status, letting criminal aliens live, work and commit crimes with impunity in our communities.  McCarthy is also mute about working with, or in this case not working with, Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials.

Finally, I would guess the key reason McCarthy is highlighting his great MS-13 gang murder numbers is because he is trying to stay off U.S. Attorney General William Barr's radar.  The Justice Department in mid-February initiated a legal blitz on sanctuary communities across the country. (Click Here for more)

AG Barr made a point of mentioning that the Justice Department is taking a look at state and local prosecutors "who pursue lesser charges against illegal immigrants in order to keep their rap sheets cleaner and keeping them off ICE's radar".  

Yikes, that is the well-known standard operating procedure for McCarthy's entire operation with regard to illegal alien criminals. Jeopardizing the rights of citizens to protect illegal alien criminals who have no moral or legal right to be in our country. 

McCarthy may be looking for sanctuary in a SAFE type facility in the near future!      

* Brad Botwin, a former member of the Central Committee, is Director of Help Save  (Reprinted with permission from Help Save Maryland)

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