Mondays with MoCo: Educational Quotas

“Mondays with MoCo” SPEAKERS SERIES


“Educational Quotas –

The Real Racism Against Asian Americans”

Monday, May 10, 7:30PM



First Speaker- Kenny Xu

Kenny Xu is the lead insider on the Ivy League discrimination cases, has worked as the Director for Media Outreach against California Proposition 16 (race preferences), and has written for national publications like City Journal, The Federalist, The Daily Signal, The Washington Examiner, and Quillette.  His writings, as recently discussed on Tucker Carlson Tonight, attracts a following among both the conservative/libertarian and Asian American communities.  His forthcoming book, An Inconvenient Minority: The Ivy League Admission Cases and Attack on Asian American Excellence is written to reach an even larger audience, as the Harvard case has grabbed mainstream national attention and the nation wrestles through a racial moment where difficult questions about racial identity politics are being thrust to the forefront of our culture.  A second-generation Chinese-American, Kenny lives in Northern Virginia.  

Twitter: @kennymxu  Instagram: @kennymxu

To preorder Kenny Xu’s forthcoming book, An Inconvenient Minority, click here or go to

Second Speaker - Yukong Zhao

Yukong Zhao is a distinguished Chinese American civil-rights activist, the co-founder and President of the Asian American Coalition for Education (AACE), and the author of the book, The Chinese Secrets For Success: Five Inspiring Confucian Values.

In May 2015, Mr. Zhao and other leaders united 64 Asian American organizations,  filing a civil-rights complaint against Harvard University. As the largest joint action taken by Asian-American communities in recent history, the complaint helped expose Ivy League colleges’ systematic discrimination against Asian American applicants to the national and world stage. Under his leadership, AACE has made significant progress in advancing Asian American children’s equal education rights including Trump Administration’s adoption of AACE’s policy recommendations on college admissions, and its lawsuit against Yale University.

Mr. Zhao also writes columns in Orlando Sentinel, Daily Caller, Forbes, Washington Examiner, The World Journal, Sing Tao Daily and IndiaWest to promote Chinese culture and advance Asian American social progress. 


The leftist Democrats and their disciples are at it again.  This time it is the scourge of Anti-Asian racism "permeating" the United States, or so we are told. While hate crimes against any Americans - White, Black, Latino or Asian - are unacceptable, this is not what truly challenges Asian Americans. 

The real issue of racism, conveniently not mentioned by Democrats, is caused by leftist Ivy League colleges and universities, as well as their counterpart magnet Middle and High Schools run by leftist school board administrators.  Their racist discrimination impacts thousands and thousands of "overrepresented" Asian American students and their families, often with a lifelong effect. Shades of educational quotas targeted at Jewish Americans in the 1940’s and 50’s. Please join the discussion to expose the truth regarding this social injustice.

Moderator- Dennis Melby

Dennis Melby, who is a former Party Chairman, Town Councilmember and Association President, will serve as moderator.





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