Not the Typical Woman

By Pat Fenati

It was not typical for a woman to major in math in the 1960’s, nor was it typical for a woman to serve a president of the student body at a co-ed college, But, there I was, the first female Student Government President at Jacksonville University graduating with a BS in Mathematics … And there I was again in New York City, working in the burgeoning computer industry, usually one of only a handful of women in a room. But I loved what I was doing which, throughout my career, included programming, consulting, sales, teaching, and network simulation for large businesses, military, and government agencies

When we married, my husband Sam and I decided to buy a small three-unit apartment building instead of a house. In our first year of marriage (while both working full time) we painted 19 rooms, renovated three kitchens, replaced a roof and battled faucet leaks and squirrels. We lived there until we had our first child then moved to Damascus where we have been for over 40 years.

We still own a small rental property but now we have commercial renters. Through this experience I have observed the effects government pressure can have on small business.

After moving to Damascus, my career changed for more than ten exhilarating years while I was a stay-at-home mom with our three wonderful children.  

Then, after returning to the computer field, I earned an MS in Telecommunications Management at UMUC, where I was asked to serve on the Alumni Association Board as a student representative.

Throughout my life, I have recognized there are people who need assistance in different areas of their lives. In NYC I was a Big Sister in Catholic Big Sisters of America and I tutored in the Bronx with the Urban League.

Since retirement, I was elected to the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee where I served as Organization Chair and created a course in precinct organization. I am a member of the Upper Montgomery Republican Woman’s Club and an associate member of the other four Republican Women’s clubs in the county

I have worked in a soup kitchen, tutored English to adults, and tutored teens after school in Damascus. I have also been an active participant in Keep Damascus Rural. I am running for State Delegate because I care. I believe we must care for the needs of all the people in this county. I feel a special obligation to taxpayers who should expect their hard-earned dollars to be used wisely. Governor Hogan has avoided new taxes, while using state tax revenues for the purposes for which they were allocated, instead of putting all money into the general fund. But there are state mandates for new spending passed by the General Assembly. I believe spending should be justified rather than mandated.

I support Governor Hogan on his redistricting plan, on continued economic growth, on the state road repairs and on his plan to relieve highway congestion.   I also believe we need to reverse the lowering of education standards in Montgomery County … We are no longer in first place in education even within this state. I believe we need new voices in Annapolis. I want to be a new voice for Montgomery County.

I ran in 2014 and was the Republican who came closest to winning in this county. More than 11,000 Republicans in my district stayed home during that election. I lost by only 4,000 votes. Please work to get out the vote for me and the other Republican candidates in our county. What can you do? Contributions help get the word out; holding candidate meet-and-greets in your home or business, and invitations to speak give voters an opportunity to know the candidate. Placing signs in your yard, door knocking and handing out literature increase name recognition. And … Please encourage friends and neighbors to vote Republican this November.

Montgomery County Republican Party