November Chairman's Message

With the ongoing “Biden Remorse” and the continued random antics of our local Legislators and County Council, I think that we Republicans are in a very unique place. It is time to make a difference. Will you help us:

  • Lead the fight against teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) in our schools.
  • End Gerrymandered Voting Districts so all citizens have a voice.
  • Demand Election Integrity for every aspect of the voting process.
  • Fight to eliminate dangerous sanctuary status for illegal immigrants.
  • Push to reinstate funding for our Police and needed School Resource Officers (SROs).
  • Lead the response to out-of-control County Council spending, tax increases, and radical social dictums.
  • Stop the proposed Thrive Montgomery 2050 Plan designed to eliminate single family homes.

It is time to get active and get involved. The wind is at our backs…

  • There are 100,000 Republicans in Montgomery County. That is a lot of fire power!!!
  • There are 11 County Council seats and 5 with no democratic incumbent. That is a lot of openings!!
  • We will get single member districts to allow our legislative candidates the go heads up against Democratic candidates. That is a great opportunity!!!
  • We have 5 million dollars of Public Election Funding which is available to County Council candidates. That is a lot of funding for candidates that step up.

We need your help to capitalize on these opportunities and make a difference. The Republican party needs your time, talent and treasure.

  1. We need great candidates. If you know anyone that is passionate about a specific issue such as education, refunding the police, elimination of CRT, public safety or taxes and would like to run for public office, please have them contact me personally.
  2. We need great volunteers. If you know anyone that wants to get involved but may not want to be in the spotlight, please have them contact me.
  3. We need your treasure. If we are going to make a difference, we need your treasure to reach the voters of our great county with a clear, simple common sense and fair message. This outreach takes money… lots on money for social media, flyers, events, etc.  Please donate HERE.

Read this November newsletter and see that our Montgomery County Republicans are doing so much, fighting to ensure a brighter future for our kids, a better environment for our businesses, and a more prosperous and free future for us all.

Send me a note, tell me how we’re doing and your ideas for the future. Your notes give us strength, and it’s great to hear from you. Send it to [email protected]

Montgomery County Republican Party