Chairman's Message

It’s the start of election season … When politicians of all ilks promise to do the impossible, without an increase in taxes, while giving us free stuff…

Don’t believe it…

  • Look around… we see our legislators continuing to allow Montgomery County to be used as the ATM for the state, allowing the failing Baltimore schools to get $30,000 in state funding for each student while Montgomery County gets approximately $5,500 per student.
  • Look around … Maryland and Montgomery County's sanctuary policies are making us a dumping ground for illegal aliens.
  • Look around … The County Council is working to defund the police - as crime increases dramatically.
  • Look around … The Montgomery County Public School System is teaching principles of critical race theory (CRT) in our schools.
  • Look around … The County Government is instituting “Thrive 2050” which will shape our communities to eliminate single family homes without increasing infrastructure and promoting $600,000 “affordable housing”.

We are the local Republican Party, MCGOP, and we want to make a change in our county. There are over 100,000 registered Republicans in Montgomery County and scores of unaffiliated/independent voters who are fed up with the way our county is headed.

We have an unparalleled opportunity to make a difference in Montgomery County and counter the actions of the County Council and Legislators. Our goal is to make a difference by educating our citizens, digging deep, past the sugar-coated propaganda that the County Government is feeding us and getting a simple, common-sense message out to the voters.

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Thanks for being a great Republican. We need you. 

I’d love to hear from you. Send me a note at [email protected].  Your thoughts and notes mean a lot and I appreciate them.


Montgomery County Republican Party