What We Left Behind

By William Richbourg

“Never have I witnessed a greater, swifter, collapse of competence that what I have seen with the U.S. evacuation of Afghanistan. Events at the airport – desperation, death – indicate the extreme chaos that ensues when the commander in chief doesn’t actually understand the value of service.”  ……. Elliot Ackerman, NY Times

However, if we look at the “awe-inspiring” armory that was left behind we have to suspect something more was going on than simple incompetence. In fact, I suspect that this is a clear case of politicized and malevolent incompetence! 

Consider for a moment the scope of this particular part of the disaster.  Left to the Taliban according to the following inventory published in the London Times:

  • 22,174 armored Humvees
  • 42 pickup trucks and SUVs
  • 64,363 machine guns
  • 162,043 radios
  • 16,035 night-vision goggles
  • 358,530 assault rifles (real ones not the ones Joe Biden warns about in the US)
  • 126,295 pistols
  • 176 artillery pieces
  • 100 helicopters (including 33 Black Hawks)
  • 4 C-130 transport planes
  • 60 other fixed wing aircraft

Why did we do that? No one has offered an explanation. What’s worse is that, not only did we leave behind this horrifying arsenal, but the Administration lied about their intent to save all Americans. They left many of them behind as well and that is unforgivable.

The only explanation is that Biden refused to follow President Trump’s plan because it was President Trump’s plan! He came up with his own timetable so that he could claim credit for ending “America’s longest war” in a way that would clearly deny President Trump any credit and it blew up in his face.

Worse, it is likely not over. Counting on the kinder, gentler Taliban is a dangerous and foolhardy strategy and one that is likely to cause the American people additional and on-going heartache.

What else did we leave behind? Our credibility, our honor! Americans must wake up and end this Administration before it can do further irreversible damage to our country.


William Richbourg is a Member of the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee.

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