Potomac Honors Jane Leeson

Potomac Honors Jane Leeson

By Karin Walker

Today it is my great honor and privilege to recognize one of our most exceptional members.  This person is a die-hard PWRC member, a GOP Patriot and a genuine treasure.  We owe her an enormous debt of gratitude!


She has spent countless hours working and serving - in fact throughout her many years as a PWRC member, this incredible woman has humbly served in almost every position on the Board (except for President).   She ended her active role of service on the Board in 2021.  At that time, she was both the Parliamentarian and Sargent of Arms, retaining the finest details on all the rules and requirements of the Maryland Republican Clubs.  Obviously, she’s incredibly gifted in organization and structure. 

This banner displays many of the awards earned during her time working with the Board, credited by her drive and determination – eating, sleeping & breathing all things Republican…

This remarkable woman has provided her vast knowledge of the Club Rules as a Mentor to many Past PWRC Presidents, as well as sharing her historical collection of club documents. 

She has worked on about every political campaign including  the Senatorial election of PWRC member Jean Roesser and others.

She is a wonderful friend, an authentic human being, and has spent the majority of her life dedicated to service and conservative values.

A dedicated, selfless volunteer and great patriot -

Today we honor this member’s numerous accomplishments and extremely unique milestone as having retained membership with our club for 50 years, the sole individual to ever do so up to now – we recognize JANE LEESON with this Certificate of Lifetime Membership to the Potomac Women’s Republican Club.

Congratulations and thank you, Jane!

Montgomery County Republican Party