Reopen Schools

The school-age children of Montgomery County are suffering due to the steadfast refusal of Montgomery County Public Schools to reopen our classrooms for full-time, in-person learning. Our special needs, low-income, or otherwise disadvantaged communities are unfortunately bearing the brunt of this misguided decision and consequently suffering needlessly.

We are approaching one entire year of remote learning in MCPS. Since closing down last March, our leaders have repeatedly said we will “follow the science” on when it is safe to reopen. Yet now that a scientific consensus is emerging in favor of reopening schools the teacher’s unions and special interests have bullied MCPS leadership into ignoring any science or data that does not support keeping schools closed.

Here is what we have learned about reopening schools.

  • The CDC had stated that it was safe to bring kids back to school even if teachers haven’t yet been vaccinated.
  • When everyone in a classroom is wearing a mask, six feet of physical distancing is not needed. Three feet is plenty to keep our teachers and students safe.
  • Numerous studies of school districts that have reopened have found no teachers were infected in the school building.
  • Schools that have reopened have done so safely without any upgrades to existing HVAC systems
  • Schools that have reopened have done so safely without waiting for teachers to get the vaccine

More children are failing academically than ever before, and the mental health damage done to children is immeasurable. Your contribution will help us get the word out about these negative consequences.

If you could chip in $25, $50, $100, or any amount, we will make sure every Montgomery County family understands that the science supports sending their children back to school.

Let’s not make our children suffer any longer, we needed to reopen schools… yesterday!

Montgomery County Republican Party

Montgomery County Republican Party