Russians in Maryland Polling Places

By Delegate Kathy Szeliga

Do you think foreign nationals should be openly invited into our polling places on Election Day? A couple of Annapolis Democrat senators do!

For all the complaints about potential foreign involvement in U.S. elections, some Maryland Democrats sure were trying to invite outside influences into our elections.

First, they tried to allow non-citizens to vote in municipal elections.

Now, they have introduced SB 190 that would give international election observers the same rights as a U.S. citizen to watch over our elections for any polling place in the state that they see fit.[1]

Fortunately, common sense stopped this bill after it arrived on the Senate floor. Senate President Mike Miller even weighed in sternly on this bad idea, "I don't want these people in the room," Miller said, referring to Russians and other foreign poll observers. "It might have been a good bill two weeks ago, it might have been a good bill six years ago," but not given the indictment of 13 Russians for meddling in the 2016 election last week.

Let's hope that this same caution about election meddling will spill over and stop the expansion of non-citizens' voting rights and other moves to loosen voting security.

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[1] SB 190

Montgomery County Republican Party