September Chairman's Message

Powerful images coming out of Afghanistan. Our prayers are with our soldiers, veterans, US citizens and Afghan allies. All of this coming on the dawn of the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attack.

We’re the local Republican Party, and we are seeing grave changes to our quality of life instituted by the Montgomery County Executive and County Council such as: “Defund” and “Reimagine” the Police is still being supported - while crime in our area is rising; the masking, lockdown and vaccine passport restrictions proposed by the County Executive; with rampant spending inflation is taking every extra dime we make, with even steeper inflation in the headlights; and Thrive 2050 seeks to take away single family homes in our communities. 

The MCGOP is working to fight back against the Montgomery County Executive and County Council.

Our members testify in front of the School Board to uninterested officials, telling them about the dangers of teaching racial hatred, of keeping our kids masked all day, of promising - but not delivering “equality” in education for 50 years. Yet our “non-partisan” School Board members take all the time and energy they can muster to endorse only Democrat candidates for every elective seat.

We will not stand for this. We demand action and attention, improvement, a better environment for business, a better sense of election integrity, and a halt to one-party leftist control of all power in the government of our County.

Help us to make progress. 

In this newsletter you’ll see:

  • Information on participating in the local community fairs and celebrations across the county
  • Cautions about the limitations of Metro and public transit in the coming months
  • News on the meetings, presentations, speeches and dinners to participate in - to gain a better understanding of how to get involved in making the positive changes we need
  • Opinion pieces by some thoughtful Republicans
  • A great invitation to participate in a Webinar on the teaching of racial hatred
  • An opportunity to attend a live book signing for the great book Black Eye for America

Thanks for being a great Republican. We need you. And, of course, I’d love to hear from you. Send me a note at [email protected].  Your thoughts and notes mean a lot and I appreciate them.

Reardon "Sully" Sullivan, PE, Chairman

Montgomery County Republican Party