Should We Teach Kids American History?


By Kathy Gugulis

The Potomac Women’s Republican Club warmly welcomed Julie Strauss Levin as its special guest speaker at its June 30th luncheon. 

Among her many other accomplishments, Julie Strauss Levin, a lawyer experienced in the non-profit and for profit arenas, was appointed by President Trump to the 1776 Commission, as well as the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad. She is a proud mom and daughter, and the wife of conservative author, TV and radio host Mark Levin.

The room full of nearly 100 guests had a lively discussion with Mrs. Strauss Levin about how to raise conservative children in today’s world, voter integrity, and the tragic developments earlier this year in Israel which has led to a reprehensible rise in anti-Semitic attacks both in the U.S. and around the world, as well as anti-Semitic statements from some Democrat members of Congress.

Strauss-Levin encouraged parents and grandparents to start teaching American history, talking about the Declaration of Independence and Constitution at home as soon as kids can begin to comprehend these concepts.

“Your kids should not be learning about the Declaration of Independence at school. They should learn about it at home.  Kids need to understand that the Constitution is the roadmap for limited government, to make sure that that We, the People, are in charge and that our inalienable rights are protected,” she said. 

Asked if there is any hope left for public schools, especially regarding the teaching of history, Strauss-Levin said, “Kids are never too young to talk about that on the soccer field or day care.  Discussing American history and who we are as Americans should be done as soon as kids can comprehend.  I know that I talked to my kids when they were 3,4, and five years old. Go to the primary documents, show them the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. We live here right near the city, take them around.”    

Another guest asked what we in Montgomery County could do to counter Leftist, Marxist ideologies.  Strauss-Levin urged people to prepare and become informed so they could push back during every day conversations. She suggested that an organization called The Policy Circle prepares issue papers on different subjects and makes them available for community leaders who establish conversation circles to find local solutions.  

How can we get more Republicans to win in Moco?  “Do what you are doing every single day, talking to people about your values—freedom, liberty. It all goes back back to conversation.  Having people in the comfort of your home where you can talk about issues, I really think you can change minds.”

“Marxism is here in our country,” she said.   “It is frightening.  The Left is on the march.  Nancy Pelosi says jump, they ask how high.”

“I am asked, why can’t we [conservatives] do that?  We are wired to believe in individualism.  We are not government centric.  We believe in liberty. It is easy for the Left to follow in lock step, follow the line.” 

“You see Marxism everywhere.  You can’t even let your kids watch TV today without seeing Disney propaganda or Sesame Street.” 

“Why do they push CRT?  Why do they embrace climate change?  This is a way for the Left to tell us what to think, what to do, where we can go,” she said. 

“They’ve stolen our language and then they censor us.”  An audience member noted that “Critical race theory—cute words—sounds like a good idea.  But it is an evil ideology.  CRT says the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are White supremacist documents created to give power and influence to white people, and that is why we have to trash these documents.  It is just awful.”

“This is why we have to get to our kids first,” Strauss-Levin said. “The first time they should learn about Declaration of Independence shouldn’t be at school, it should be at home, so when they get to school, they know how to think critically.”

Strauss-Levin encouraged the audience to get to legislators first with your own message and not let the Leftists take the lead.

The 1776 Commission, to which Strauss-Levin was appointed by President Trump, did a study and submitted the report to the president, symbolically on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  

“The media attacked us as racists.  We were vilified,” she said. Not surprisingly, Biden signed an executive order abolishing the 1776 Commission on January 21, 2021, right after Inauguration Day.


Kathy Gugulis is Treasurer of the Potomac Women's Republican Club, a member of the Montgomery County Charter Review Commission and resident of Legislative District 39.


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