Spring Cleaning


Do you have expertise or connections? We are looking for YOU!  Please consider donating your time, connections, and/or materials

to help with the Spring Cleaning activities at our GOP headquarters. 

  • PAINT - labor and materials
  • CARPET CLEANING - labor and materials
  • ELECTRICAL - labor to re-install powder room light fixture;  labor and materials to upgrade 2 x 4 fluorescents to LED
  • WINDOWS - labor and materials for new window shades or blinds


  • CARPENTRY - labor and materials to install a second handrail in the stair to the second floor
  • TRASH REMOVAL - labor and truck to run debris to the Shady Grove depot
  • FURNITURE REMOVAL - labor and truck to run unwanted items to the Shady Grove depot
  • FURNITURE MOVERS - labor and truck to pick up new furnishings
  • FURNITURE DONATIONS - must be in good condition - office related items such as desks, files, bookcases, etc.
  • ORGANIZATION SKILLS - labor and materials to organize the storage areas; need cardboard file boxes, plastic bins (with lids), etc.

Call us at 301-417-9256 and leave a message, we'll be happy to discuss your efforts and find out about a tour of our Headquarters building..


Montgomery County Republican Party