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Friday September 13, a new era began in Montgomery County.  Hundreds of County residents turned click here to see pictures out to protest County Executive Elrich and the County Council for their failure to protect vulnerable girls and women living in our immigrant communities.  We called out Mr. Elrich for the Executive Order he proudly signed on July 22nd -- and with the full support of the County Council -- that bars all county agencies including county law enforcement officials from cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on immigration matters.

If you are as outraged as we are, Click Here to sign the petition calling for County Executive Elrich to rescind the July 22 Executive Order and consider donating to help us in this effort Click Here to donate!

We are outraged that in the last month alone, it has come to light that many men in the country illegally charged with the alleged sexual assault of nine girls and young women – one as young as six years old – and for whom ICE has issued detainers to hold these violent criminals, and that County Executive Elrich’s policy led to at least one of them being released by Montgomery County back onto our streets, and many more would have followed if they had been able to simply post bail. It is no wonder that Montgomery County has become a sanctuary for criminals and gang members here illegally in the United States.   

Our citizens protest was led by Bethesda resident Larry O’Connor of WMAL, former Germantown resident and nationally recognized political commentator Michelle Malkin, Sharon Bauer of the Montgomery County Federation of Republican Women, Alexander Bush, Chairman of the County Republican Party, and many others including author Ying Ma, Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch and Fox News Contributor Sebastian Gorka.

Angel family members, Arlene Cohen and Marla Wolff, spoke passionately about how their loved ones were killed by an illegal alien. Mrs. Cohen’s son Sander, a Deputy State Fire Marshall and good samaritan stopped on I-270 to help Mrs. Wolff’s husband, Carlos, who was having car trouble.  Carlos Wolff -- a legal immigrant from Venezuela – was an FBI agent.  Both Sander and Carlos were killed, run over on the side of the road by an illegal immigrant with a previous drunk driving record.  CASA de Maryland, a so-called non-profit organization that receives funds from the Montgomery County Government, paid (with your tax dollars) the bond and legal fees to defend the man charged with these deaths. And you guessed it: there had been an ICE detainer for him since his prior criminal charges in 2015.  Click Here to hear more about this horrible story.

For too long your voice, your concerns have NOT been heard by your County government!  Please sign this petition Click Here OR write your own letter or an email demanding Mr. Elrich and the members of the County Council rescind the Executive Order.  Any county government policy that protects illegal alien criminals needs to stop NOW!.

We were there for you mid September and with your help we will continue to challenge the progressive policies of Mr. Elrich and the County Council.   Please donate either on-line Click Here or by check to the Montgomery County Republican Party (15833 Crabbs Branch Way, Rockville, MD 20855) so we can engage with publicity, advertising, and more events, including a better (and louder) sound system so WE ALL CAN BE HEARD.

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We, the undersigned, urge County Executive Elrich to rescind the July 22, 2019 Executive Order which dangerously restricts the ability of Montgomery County agencies to cooperate with ICE and/or DHS on illegal immigration matters.  Montgomery County has become a hotbed of illegal alien criminal activity that threatens residents; especially the most vulnerable – women and children – from immigrant communities! County law enforcement needs their handcuffs removed now!   Allow Montgomery county law enforcement and all county departments to work with federal government agencies including ICE to rid Montgomery County of criminal illegal aliens.


Montgomery County Republican Party