Thanking The Democrats

We received so many comments after last week’s newsletter on A World with No Republicans. Frankly the notes were surprising, most from registered Democrats who wanted to make sure that there was a moderate choice out there for them to make. Many almost apologized, but felt they had to maintain their Democratic registration simply because of the overwhelming registration in the community and a fear that elected officials might withhold support from non-Democrat voters.

We understand.

It’s hard to look at what the politicians on the extreme left are saying and doing and not be chagrined. On high taxes, on more expensive energy, on school policies, on defunding cops, on crime and theft, exposing little kids to drag performers in public libraries and so much more, they’re not considering the wishes of the common person on the street, only the elite liberals from Takoma Park.

Thanks for writing, keep it up. We understand that in your school, in your neighborhood, in your government job it’s hard to tell folks what you truly believe. They often respond with vengeance.

We’re here for you. We’re here to stand up to bullies in power - with common sense. And yes, we won’t out you. We’ve seen the anti-religious and racists comments by Councilwoman Kristen Mink about folks she disagrees with. We’ve seen the virulent anti-cop rhetoric of Councilman Will Jawando, the defund the police budgets of County Executive Marc Elrich, and the anti-religion and anti-family values talk of the school board. Add to that the fact that the press gives them the microphone and the bully pulpit.

Thanks for your support, it's good to know you’re out there.


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