Thanksgiving Newsletter


We join with you, your friends and family as you celebrate another Thanksgiving.

Enjoy your freedoms, the freedoms to worship, to celebrate, to pursue happiness, to speak and debate with your neighbors and friends and to celebrate this great country of America.

We join you in the love of our rights, our Constitution, our history, our ability to work hard and play hard, to pursue a great education and to enjoy happiness, safety and security. We live in a nation of bounty, of liberty, and the promise of equality to all. And we, as Americans, always strive to make things better.

As we come out of this year of the pandemic, we know life will get better, we will confront the challenges ahead with an American can-do spirit and engage the blessings of liberty for ourselves in our posterity. Whether your family’s been here for generations or you’re a brand-new citizen we all believe in, and work for, a great and promising America.

God bless you and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Your Republican Committee members

Marcus Alzona, Paul Agle, Jeff Brown, Alexander Bush, John Cabrera, Candice Clough, Karol Smith, Dan Cuda, Jim Daniel, Vincent DeCain, Greg Decker, Kevin Dorrance, Pat & Sam Fenati, Paul Foldi, Joe Gillin, Jamie Greedan, Leslie Grizzard, Rick Hansen, Michael Higgs, Ann Hingston, Don Irvine, Lori Jaffe, Matthew Johnson, Joel Keralis, Anne Koutsoutis, Lorraine Kuchmy, Deborah Lambert, Del Lamiman, Larry Lesser, Dennis Melby, Dwight Patel, Al Phillips, Dolores Reyes, William Richbourg, Brad Rohrs, Sheldon Sacks, Ramana Sarikonda, Martha Schaerr, Reardon Sullivan, Chris Thoms, Jean Tuttle, Josephine Wang, Gail Weiss, Linda Willard, and William Zartman


Toys for Tots Drive-Thru

The annual MCGOP Toys for Tots Christmas and Hanukkah Party is being re-imagined as the Montgomery County Republican Toys for Tots "Drive-Thru." Join us to help local kids and enjoy some socially-distanced holiday cheer!

Drop off an unwrapped toy/book or a check for $25 (payable to USMC Toys for Tots). Get your picture taken with Santa. Drive off with some holiday treats! Sunday December 6 2-4 PM at MCGOP Headquarters.

This event is co-hosted with the Montgomery County Republican Club, Montgomery County Federation of Republican Women, and the Montgomery County Young Republicans.

Click here to download flyer (PDF)

For planning purposes let us know if you're coming by clicking below! 



Safely Returning Students to the Classroom

The left coast has great weather, palm trees and the Pacific Ocean. It also has Defund the Police, Reimaging Public Safety, and massive parks full of homeless in tents.  But you don't have to go that far to have left-wing government. In Maryland and in Montgomery County many folks want their kids to return to in-person learning as soon as it's safe. Our County government and the Teachers Unions wanted to make sure schools didn't open until after the election.  Just for a little added incentive. They even tried to shut down all in-person learning in non-taxpayer supported schools.

The Governor stopped that folly and those schools are flourishing with safety guidelines and interaction. There are costs to in-person and costs to screen-only learning. Just this week the head of the CDC said there's no safer place for a kid than in the classroom.

Show your support for a safe return to the classroom. The MCGOP Headquarters has yard signs if you'd like to weigh in on the subject. Call our organization coordinator and ask when you can come by to pick up a yard sign, while supplies last. Brad at 240-447-1884. It's time to get back to in-person learning


Survey Says

Remember how the Affordable Care Act became Obamacare? Well, folks are beginning to call the upcoming scientific breakthroughs the Trump Vaccine! Here's the question, will you take the Trump vaccine when it's finally available to you? Not a scientific survey, probably better than all the polls forecasting a massive blue wave washing across the Congress! Email us, yes, no or maybe. We'll report the results.

We want to hear from you. Email [email protected].

Montgomery County Republican Party

Montgomery County Republican Party