The Huessy Report May 27

The OBiden Administration

Foreign policy experts pointed out that the same types of staffers for Biden’s former boss who are holding his feet to the fire also make up his own administration.

“In some respects, they’re all Obama alumni, with Biden’s senior officials having served as senior officials during Obama. Sullivan was on the secret trip to Oman to start the Iran nuclear deal talks. McGurk was a senior architect of Obama’s Mideast realignment. Bill Burns was a key architect along with Wendy Sherman (now departed from the Biden administration) in cementing the interim nuclear deal with Iran, and then Blinken was instrumental in securing the final nuclear deal,” Goldberg said. 

“The vice president’s national security advisor was also part of the JCPOA dream team. Let’s not forget Colin Kahl at Department of Defense until recently, another Iran echo chamber key actor. Oh, and lest we forget Rob Malley was appointed by this president to be special envoy for Iran – working with his close childhood friend Tony Blinken.”

Ready for a Trump - Harris Administration?

Western journal has discovered that well Shazam that is possible!! Interesting scenario.

Race to the Bottom: The State Competing with California to be the 'Left's Progressive Utopia'


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