The Polluter Elite


By Lori Jaffe

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich says that he believes in climate change and thinks we all ought to change the way we live. In his video, “Welcome to my Eco-friendly Home,” he extolls the virtues of his Niro electric vehicle. But Elrich doesn’t let climate change stand in his way. With him, it’s “Do as I say, not as I do.” You can help the Committee for Better Government limit him to two terms, but you must act soon. Ten thousand valid signatures must be gathered by August 2024. (See below).

At the 2022 County Executive Candidate Forum, when asked about the feasibility of building gas pumps at White Flint, Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich said, (0:14) “Gas pumps are pretty much going to be obsolete in not too long.” (0:29) “For those of us who live in the real world and believe in climate change…” He sounded like he really believed what he was saying.

But since then, Elrich has been traveling throughout Asia trying to find someone who will start a business in Montgomery County. Since October of 2023, Elrich has traveled to China, India, Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Although he didn’t talk about how he traveled round-trip to Asia, it’s a good bet that he flew on jets, which climate change activists say pollute the atmosphere. According to The Guardian, the “ ‘polluter elite’ are plundering the planet to the point of destruction…” “The richest 1% of humanity is responsible for more carbon emissions than the poorest 66%, with dire consequences for vulnerable communities and global efforts to tackle the climate emergency.” Now if Elrich honestly cared about saving the planet, why would he throw caution, and jet fuel emissions, to the wind and travel that way?

According to a BBC article, the world's wealthiest are at the heart of the climate problem. “Rich people who fly a lot may think they can offset their emissions by tree-planting schemes or projects to capture carbon from the air. But these schemes are highly contentious, and they’re not proven over time. The wealthy, he said, “simply must fly less and drive less. Even if they own an electric SUV that’s still a drain on the energy system and all the emissions created making the vehicle in the first place.”

McKinsey & Co. reports, “Indeed, producing the large lithium-ion batteries used to power EVs is the biggest source of embedded emissions for both electric cars and trucks, accounting for about 40 to 60 percent of total production emissions, according to our estimation. In other words, making batteries can generate as much emissions as producing all the other materials that go into making an EV—or even more …” Yes, the electric vehicle manufacturing process itself causes pollution.

Victor Davis Hanson believes that there is really something else behind all the climate change rhetoric. He thinks that Leftie elites, like our County Executive, dislike the American middle-class lifestyle. Hanson thinks that all this talk about “climate change” is based on the Left’s desire to control us. Taking away our fossil fuels is just one change that they would impose on us. But the rulers, like Mr. Elrich, can do whatever they please.

Marc Elrich wants to run for a third 4-year term as County Executive in 2026. Does he share your values? Or does he want to impose his values on you? Please volunteer to hold him to two terms.



Lori Jaffe is the Party Secretary for the Montgomery County Republican Central Committee, volunteer coordinator and Member of the Executive Board. She can be reached at [email protected]

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