On Wednesday we celebrate the great Republican holiday of Juneteenth.  

Our party was founded to put an end once and for all to slavery. We were opposed at every turn by the Democrats and ended up in the depths of a horrible civil war, costing more American lives than any other conflict, but we prevailed.

When President Lincoln put forth the Emancipation Proclamation it took the troops to put it into effect. Juneteenth was the last date that the last state got the word out about freedom. It wasn’t even realized right here in the Montgomery County area until about that time.

We’ve made such great strides since the Republican party started us down this road, but the battle isn’t over. There are folks that have expanded their hatred toward every skin color, race and religion - and we have to be vigilant.

But today we thank Lincoln, Douglass and so many Republican founders for setting us on this road. Happy Juneteenth!

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Dennis Melby, MCGOP Chairman

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