The Republican Party is here for you

The Republican Party is here for you

The Republican Party, like our country, is on a wartime setting. The virus has consumed our thoughts, our schedules and our way of life. Instead of being tired from shaking so many hands while campaigning, we’re focusing on social distancing and protecting our loved ones from an unseen menace.

Yet, this too shall pass. Our President and his team are showing great leadership. The political parties are forcing themselves to work together for the common good (very reluctantly I might add). Although the end is not in sight - talk of a successful ending is in the air.

Although everything (literally everything) is on hold right now we’re all making plans. Elections are being rescheduled and will go on, campaigning and events will resume when safe, and our friends and families will soon be safe to talk to, touch and embrace.

Thanks to the folks in the Republican clubs and organizations for continuing to plan, communicate and do what they can to move from physical to digital interaction. The clubs and their leaders deserve so much credit in this difficult time. In our democracy politics is a vital part of life, and indeed we’ll continue to have a bold and challenging campaign for our future.

While MCGOP is physically on hold while we can’t meet each other, caucus, rally and campaign, we are planning to resume as fast as we can when this subsides.  Thanks to all who have joined me in sending the Party a donation. If you haven’t had a chance to - please go to and contribute, or donate here. You’re the backbone of the Party in these difficult times.

Thanks for your community leadership, your protection of your family and friends, and your continued positive outlook for the future of our country.  We’re all proud to be with you.

Montgomery County Republican Party