First off, there is no doubt where the MCGOP stands on the Israeli / Hamas issue. Silence is not acceptable and we have been very clear.

  • The day after the massacre of the Israelis by Hamas terrorists we led our newsletter to 20,000 people with a quote by Speaker Candidate Jim Jordan. It said the following:
  • “The unprovoked terror attack today and the murders of innocent Israeli citizens are a stark reminder of the brutality of Hamas and Iran-backed extremists. The indiscriminate killings of men, women, and children are sickening.

    “We must pray for Israel, its leadership, the men and women serving in its defense, and all Israelis today. It is heartening that Congress has come together in a bipartisan manner to strongly condemn the horrendous attacks on Israel and the Israeli citizens.

    “We must continue to support our great ally as it expels this invasion, overwhelms these extremists, and works to prevent Hamas from ever harming Israeli citizens again.”
  • On Tuesday of that week we opened our Republican Breakfast at Attman’s Jewish Deli with a moment of silence for the victims of Hamas. US Senate candidate, John Tiechert, and Congressional candidate and chaplain Chris Hyser joined in.
  • The following Monday we sent our newsletter again listing the organizations to which our readers, Republicans, Independents, and even Democrats, could send donations to help the Israeli victims of the massacre.
  • We led that newsletter with a column prompted by the massacre written by former State Delegate candidate, Stacey Sauter, pleading with people to renounce hatred and outlining how to do that.
  • We also included a column criticizing the Montgomery County Public Schools for not forcefully condemning the surge in Anti-Semitism in the county schools. We received major positive feedback from our Party members.
  • We also published a piece by a Jewish Democrat County Council Member urging the public to not quietly sit by while people spew hatred of Jews.
  • Finally, at our Lincoln Day Dinner Thursday night we again opened the evening with a moment of silence for the Jewish victims of the Hamas massacre. It was attended by over 120 people, including the leadership of the State Republican Party, a former White House Chief of Staff and sitting Republican Congressman Andy Harris.

There can be no doubt where our Party stands on the terror attacks by Hamas.

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