Free Hand Cannabis Flower photo and picture

By Peter Huessy

This video presentation is frightening but needs to be viewed by every Marylander. The guest speakers are top experts on the drug menace to this country including marijuana. And the role of China. As you know 109,000 Americans die from drug overdoses each year, and it’s connected to the massive illegal immigration on our southern border, including 40,000 young men of military age from China. The Chinese organized crime gang are Triads and they are selling vast amounts of drugs in the USA.

Marijuana farms run by Chinese organized crime is adding chemicals to the weed to produce psychosis in children. Also, fentanyl is being used to lace other drugs to increase potency and also to destroy communities. This video explains how China is using the open southern border to accomplish its objective which is to bring down the US and in part do it through going after our children with these drugs, especially marijuana.

Montgomery County Republican Party