Tucker Carlson and Me

By Brigitta Mullican

Tucker Carlson's dismissal from FOX News hit me like a ton of bricks. Like many of us I came to rely on his reporting and his commentary for facts and perspectives not found on other networks, in the press or in the media in general. Even more, I was honored to be asked to join him several years ago for a segment dealing with illegal immigration and its devastating effect in my hometown of Rockville in Montgomery County.  

It was in March of 2017 when I joined Tucker Carlson on his FOX Show to speak about how furious I was over the rape of a 14-year-old girl in the bathroom of Rockville High School.  The allegation was against an illegal 17-year-old night grader.

The incident happened during school hours. Tucker Carlson covered illegal alien issues more than other news media and I was invited to give my opinion of the illegal alien since I spoke against the policy during a Rockville Sanctuary public hearing at which over 75 people spoke. I testified about the Federal government’s definition of an illegal alien and stated “For many years I was a legal alien until I became a naturalized citizen. I believe in enforcing the laws.”  It is difficult for me to understand why immigration laws were not enforced for all the years I have been in America. My parents came legally and followed all the rules.

I was not only upset about the illegal students being in the school but that the rape could occur in the school. Even if it was found during the court hearing that it was consensual sex, I believe she did not want the incident to happen as it was reported.  Watch the HERE>

I found Tucker to be a great communicator, one who could grasp the issues and had an ability to put things into perspective for a very diverse international audience. I was disappointed by Tucker's absence from TV. I hope it's temporary - I believe he has a voice we need - regardless of your Party affiliation.

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Brigitta Mullican is a Member of the Republican Central Committee for Maryland and Montgomery County, also serves as the County Party Treasurer, is a former candidate for Mayor and City Council in Rockville, and like so many of us a legal immigrant and a naturalized citizen.

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