The Grand Old Party (GOP) meets in Milwaukee, Wisconsin next week to nominate Donald J. Trump as the Republican nominee for President.  Thanks to your support, the Montgomery County GOP Trump delegates will meet at the Fiserv Forum arena to express your wishes to help turn this country around.

While the Democrat nominee remains questionable, there’s no doubt we’ll put forward a tested and competent leader to restore our economy, our society, and our future. And when we return home, we’ll all continue working hard for our Republican slate here in Montgomery CountyDonald Trump, Larry Hogan, Neil Parrott and Cheryl Riley.

I appreciate your willingness to help, so please continue volunteering (this newsletter is full of opportunities to step up).  We’re working on the National and Local level for needed changefrom the White House to the State, County and School Boardwe're working hard for you.

On behalf of my colleagues: David Bossie, Bob Carey, Sastry Dhara, Ruth Melson, Brigitta Mullican, and Josephine Salazar, thank you for electing us as Trump Delegates to the Republican National Convention. We won’t let you down. 

Vikki Birkett

Trump GOP Delegate

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Montgomery County Republican Party